On Lead Wise Week #1 Self-Management intensive

The first group assignment of this self-management intensive training has taken me, together with a team of three, to solve the challenge of creating 20 roles for a leading exhibitions company.

By using different methods as a framework, we started identifying the “current state of things”, implying an analysis of how departments were currently structured, what where major challenges or tensions that were being faced at the moment as well as other underlying factors that could help us defining these roles. This firs stage implied a great amount of openness, sharing and empathy inside the team.

In parallel, we identified the company’s purpose and, once it was defined, we started to outline the roles, accountabilities, purpose for each role and metrics involved, following a combination of Percolab’s and Energized approaches to this process.

The result of our process is accessible here.

I particularly enjoyed about this process how the power of collective EQ was harnessed by collaboratively designing the roles. By working remotely and transversally in different areas and at varying moments (mainly due to availability and time difference) we builded on each other’s ideas and came up with a proposal that we all seemed to feel happy with.

Reflecting on the experience, I feel we self-organized fast and that we trusted in the process and in the rest of the fellow team members. Trust was our north star.

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