Personal Mission Statement

Why am I on this course? To learn how the world of self-management is developing, from a broad sweep, agnostic perspective (i.e., not deep diving into one particular propriatory technique); to learn from people who have already been on this journey; to hang out with others who are interested in where this can be taken.

What does a great experience look like for me as a participant? Being introduced to new topics that inspire me; self learning from the project work; getting better at teamwork by working with people who come from many different backgrounds, who are all inspiring because they are positive, resilient and intellectually curious; getting an idea of what self-management actually feels like from working and learning together on the course; becoming more savvy at living and operating in the online world, using tools such as Zoom and Slack.

How does my participation support the mission of this project? for others to say. I do my best in trying to be prepared by doing the reading/study/reflection and putting time into the projects and team work.

What support do I need to ensure I achieve my personal participation mission? the support from Leadwise/Enspiral and the other students is great. Would be good to avoid major holiday weekends when planning future courses as we lost about a third of the class (for understandable reasons) coming up to the Easter weekend.