Practical Self Management Intensive — Week 1 Reflections

Going back to “school” can be daunting. Starting this week, I was gently reminded of that 1st grade photo on the family front step, filled with excitement, nervousness, curiosity, and energy. As the first week of the Practical Self-Management Intensive comes to a close, I’m standing here with renewed sense of conviction and gratitude.

I’m grateful to be connected with an amazing group of individuals I’ve just come to know. To my week one teammates, Ali, Ken and Jose, thank you for your contributions, flexibility, and insights. It has been a great reminder how quickly we can come together when we instantly extend trust in one another. Thank you to our coaches for creating the space and guiding us along this journey.

As for conviction, I’ve long sensed I don’t quite belong here. Working in many large organizations and seeing the toxic side effects of command and control structures and beliefs, I knew deep down there had to be a better way. After over 10+ years of trying to make it work, I cracked. I gave up. I couldn’t do it anymore. I began my search for that “better way”. After this week, I take a breath of relief in finding deep resonance with new practices and ways of operating. These practices and beliefs not only allow for a more generative way of being, they require it.

This seemingly simple Roles activity highlighted how each of us have the opportunity to truly author our lives at work. Percolab and Holacracy’s experiences pave the way for how an organization can invite individuals and teams to come together in this co-authoring process that creates wholeness, purpose, and drive in a beautiful way. While I sit here writing and reflecting, the depth of my breath and clarity of mind assures me that I am on my path. This activity also reminds me that these practices are not for everyone. The self-directedness, autonomy and trust needed are not necessarily present or desired in every organizations. The choice for me becomes a conscious decision around where to put my time and energy to create the change I want to see in the world of work.

That being said, here is our team’s work for the week. Thank you again Ali, Ken and Jose!