Project 4 — Henry’s CLOU

As the world struggles with our current economic models, which are predicated on unsustainable growth, there is an urgent call for a shift in our individual and collective consciousness. I believe that we will only be able to address such challenges if we develop new regenerative organizational models that enable self-responsibility and authentic collaboration. We must develop our inner work in other to create a sustainable impact in the world. We must understand the systems that we are part of and our influences in the whole scheme. I’m here to learn the tools and continue to evolve my inner consciousness to lead this change.

There is so much content already available that it can become non-productive. I think this journey would be considered a success if we have a solid experiential level of the most relevant tools and theories available at the moment. I also believe that the integration part of these practices into our daily lives will be smoothed by our interactions with the coaches. This is a collective experience which will only be successful if co-created by all the participants and coaches. I am making myself fully available to bring my share of ideas, to listen to my colleagues needs and to practice during the next weeks a way to reinvent our organizations. They can count on me to be available at least 10 hours of my week, directly or indirectly working towards this mission. Besides participating actively on our weekly activities, I will energize a facebook group so we can share our current projects and connect the people working in this area. My full participation and trust in the process is indispensable for the systemic transformational change I want to see in the world.

With that being said, I will also need my colleagues help to create a space where there is a true collective desire to experience self-management. This will most definitely help me be fully present and take advantage of this opportunity. I also hope we can run away from consensus and be more receptive to each other’s singularities. Let’s be proactive and innovative in our search for tools and theories that gets us closer to our individual and collective missions.