Then the BOMB exploded!….Week 3

Decurion’s purpose, the fundamental reason it exists, is to provide places for people to flourish. By “flourish” we mean to become fully oneself, which includes living an undivided life and growing into what one is meant to be. We believe that every human being has something unique to express (perhaps several unique things over the course of a lifetime). While building each of our businesses to world-class standards, we seek to create the conditions in which that expression will emerge. Flourishing is the process of living into one’s unique contribution. We expect to do this through our work.

This week we focused on Deliberately Developmental Organizations with our focus on our own Immunity Map to help develop us as active participants in this change within our own organsation and career.

Once again I was feeling rather confident , muttering to myself I get this, this week we had started making headways in realizing my owners passion for this system within Exhibit Group and I could now see the real benefits. The team were embracing it and more importantly getting it, giving me more confidence we achieve the expected result.

I was fuelled by the straightforward approach of Bryan Ungard Chief Purpose Officer of Decurion, with a job role I could align to. The challenges he faced were real to me and I was fascinated by how they overcame them.

Energized with my new understanding I thought I could tackle the Immunity project swiftly. Publish, job done!

The Truth was I Discombobulated

I hide behind the fact that I am a workaholic a criticism often thrown at me by family and friends, so my first attempt that I presented very badly was all work related, but as I listened to others because I never offer to go first I thought oh no once again I have done this wrong. The morning Cohort is a strong supportive team so I was not phased by my ineptitude I just realised that perhaps I was afraid to tell the truth, to let go! But I did, presenting is not my forte, nerves always get the better of me but while talking I learned some valuable lessons about myself and I knew this piece of work come good. I don’t take criticism easily, I did that cardinal sin I bit!

Then I reflected.

Then I wrote and rewrote.

Then I rejiggled my immunity map from a professional perspective — a much safer option for me.

And then…… I did the personal version and that is the one that hurts, that is damaged.

Trust me Week 4 cannot come quick enough.

The end!

PS I have not shared my maps it just did not feel right.

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