Try not to think about it

Pause. Open. Trust.

It’s the journey not the destination. While working your way toward the professionally developed, agile, new you, don’t forget to stop and notice the gems you have collected on the way.

When you agree to build a house but don’t actually know the basics of carpentry, architecture or plumbing — Hey let’s build a WOL Circle.

There is no progress from keeping going in the same direction, without time to reflect you’ll remain on the same plain and be stuck in Flatland. Remember to take time to return to where you have been, and when you get there, pause, take time, the answers won’t be waiting.

Modelling, lead by example. Invite feedback before giving it. Open yourself before asking others to open. Pause, leave space for others to fill, you don’t want it to all be coloured with the same ink.

Giving gifts. It’s a nice idea, in your head. Try practising it, it’s harder than you think to be genuinely kind and relevant. Accentuate the positive, make the effort to thank and acknowledge that helpful email someone sent you.

Reflect. Give. Return.

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