Week 2 Cohort 3 Leadwise

This week was centre around to concept of a social contract among the collective.

Determing guiding values for the group and then for the individual to achieve the common outcome. Our tasks were to derive a social contract amongst our designated team and individually prepare a Colleague Letter of Understanding. Below i have outlined our prcess in the group task of the developing a social contract and following that you can see my work on trying to create a CLOU. I have noted some refelcetions st the bottom. In summary it has been a very rewarding week.

Social Contract — Tangata

Our team was very cohesive from the beginning i found. We decided to our primary objective as working as a project team and what the social contract should represent in realtion to this.

We spent about an hour in a zoom meeting after we had each outlined some concepts via a shared google doc (below). We each then took our allotted task then combined our efforts to arrive at the video presentation. (link below).

I welcome feedback on our efforts.

Week 2 Create a social contract

We create a social contract and then we deliver our roles individually through a short video (i.e. we apply the social contract to the group exercise).

DRAFT Social contract between the participates of the 3rd Leadwise cohort

This is a social contract between the 3rd cohort of the LEADWISE Online Programme. In total there are 19 (?) participants from XY (??) countries who share at least one passion: the passion for a new kind of an organizations that is opposed to a classical hierarchical pyramid.

Defining the organization as a collective of a team → together we agree on some guiding principles to support our shared purpose. We are all going to commit to achieve this, to do our mailings, to communicate by slack.

Our collaboration is based on the following values:


We relate to one another with an assumption of positive intent. Until we are proven wrong, trusting participation is our default means of engagement. Freedom and accountability are two sides of the same coin.


Every one of us is able to handle difficult and sensitive news. We believe in the power of collective intelligence. Nobody is as smart as everybody.

Equal worth

We are all of fundamental equal worth. At the same time, our community will be richest if we let all members contribute in their distinctive way, appreciating the differences in roles, education, backgrounds, interests, skills, characters, points of view, and so on.


Everyone must be comfortable with holding others accountable to their commitments through feedback and respectful confrontation.

The 3rd cohort of the leadwise community promises to each other:

  • We are fully committed to this online course and will participate regularly in all meetings & group exercises.
  • We are open-minded individuals who listen actively to each other.
  • We share our knowledge, thoughts and wisdom collaboratively with the entire group.
  • We are all vulnerable individuals that have weaknesses, fears, doubts and negative experiences. We are allowed to show this within our group.
  • We give each other feedback keeping in mind the ASK-Formular (Actionable Specific and Kind)
  • We truly engage in close personal relationships by showing our “real-personalities”.
  • We foster a high-quality exchange in our group by carefully reflecting on our statements as well as on further nuggets of wisdom that we share with the group.

The 3rd cohort of the leadwise community promises not to do to each other:

  • We do not seek clients and business perspectives, unless it emerges spontaneously during this online exercise.
  • We do not share any personal information that has been shared within this group with outsiders of this online class.

Signatures from the entire cohort:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Collection of thoughts:

Hi Team, from the reading we did, I believe we are linking some basic work principles together to form a cohesive team. What do you think about setting a social contract between ourselves around doing teamwork in online course! Happy to look at other ideas of course.

My understanding is that we should define some brief roles, around the tasks required then create what together we hope to achieve for this activity, and consequently what we commit to do about that we all agree on.

My thoughts below

If we considered a social contract around team projects


Meet to form some agreement on direction

Discuss and agree on delivery of Friday session

Discuss what we hope to learn this week

Develop roles around tasks

Consider the team objective


To be developed

Social Contract

Project team to team players — Mutually discussed and agreed

Each player to the Team — What we will do for each other to achieve the outcome (in advane i’m hopeless at anything video related!)

Creating the CLOU. See below my effort at the CLOU includng the feedback i received.

Colleague Letter of Understanding — Dean Little

This was inherently a simple task however made a little more difficult when diving into the detail or meaning of what is to work collaboratively for the benefit of all.

I found it really rewarding.

I have chosen to answer the guiding questions and also attempt the Role Expectation Mapping canvas.

I welcome feedback and insight.

1. Why are you here? — I want to learn practical skills about methods and ideals to implement democratic management into my small business

2. What does a great experience look like for me as a participant? — Gaining knowledge and tools to change my small business effectively and sustainably.

3. How does my participation support the mission of this project? — By learning from my peer and realising my own deficiencies I hope to grow as an individual. As I grow and challenge the norms I have grown accustomed to I believe I can offer value to the collective with well-considered viewpoints. I’m in a state of living the idea, this is the litmus test for me. My participation is designed to move from discussion and thought to implementation and adoption.

4. What support do I need to ensure I achieve my personal participation mission? — I require the same as that I hope to offer my fellow participants. Honest feedback on ideas, an understanding environment, commitment to the task to allow the learning.

Role Mapping Canvas explored

Role — Leadwise Cohort 3 participant

My neighbourhood — Fellow Participants and mentors

My neighbourhood can tell that I’m succeeding when — I can’t stop talking!

My responsibilities are… — To engage with the conversation and actively engage with my fellow cohorts. To deliver on my commitments to my peers. To be honest and open and comfortable to be vulnerable.

Expectations in my neighbourhood…..

Who — Cohort Participants

What they expect of me — Commitment to engage in the course and weekly tasks. Provide honest and considered feedback

What I expect of them — An open environment to discuss all ideas. Delivering on commitments given. Considered feedback and help.

Who — Cohort mentors

What they expect of me — Commitment to the course. Respect of the fellow participants. Ability to ask for help.

What I expect of them — Facilitate meaningful concise content. Guidance and help as needed.

My Challenges are……

Finding the time to keep up with the learning

Unravelling my preconceived management theories

Opening up to new people without fear of judgement

With all of the above done. I’d like to attempt to simplify my CLOU.

Dear Cohort 3

I understand you will provide me an understanding, open environment, to learn and develop the skills to implement self-management in my small business.

I commit to do my absolute best to contribute to the collective to ensure every participant can also grow and meet their individual goals.

Sincerely Dean L.


Gerda — @Dean Little — yes, encouraging to know we all have challenges with time. I can see you are a committed father…that is nice to see. Our family should be the most important and then find Time for other important things as well. It is a privilege to have you on the team…you bring a positive energy.

Stella — Woooah, sounds terrific! Really nice and touching :heart:! I like in particular the points you included where you set yourself a challenge (i.e. stop talking, start listening, finding the time to learn/read new stuff etc).


I had a great experince this week. Second week in possibly being a bit more at ease with the group was really rewarding.

The key thing i am finding is the unravelling of the temptation to think in a traditonal management sense. It’s challenging to unlearn, but the benfit is amazing. I find myself listening a lot more to general converationsation and the application of democartic activity in many tasks already exisiting.

I’m still working out how to introduce these concepts into my workplace. Looking forward to the journey.