Why am I here?

I started LeadWise Academy’s Intensive in Practical Self Management just over two weeks ago.

Intense it has been. Largely in the volume of excellent reading that has been curated for us. I want to devour it. And keep getting stuck in tasks and distractions. Not to mention how much I want to get busy using the tools we have covered thus far: designing an organisation and the roles required for it to achieve its purpose, ‘social contracts’, agreements, feedback…

This week’s assignment, revolved around the topic of the week — relatedness. And has me look at how I relate to myself on this course. The below 4 questions provide a structure for a Personal Mission Statement, of sorts.

  1. As an individual, why are you here?

I am here for a number of reasons. 1) I was in the process of designing a 6-day programme around participatory Leadership — the non-hierarchical, distributed authority kind. And this course seemed like it could provide relevant content, experience and insight. 2) Having spent a lot of the past half year involved in a large volunteer project I became fascinated about how to engage groups around achieving the necessary work that goes in to ambitious projects — within a pre-defined time frame — without any leverage of pay or career, and in a way that felt healthily void of the need to convince or coerce in any way. 3) I feel called to help organisations navigate the ‘how’ of achieving healthier, happier and more productive workplaces. I see the mindset, tools and processes that we are being immersed in through this course as relevant on that path.

And then there are the people. It is they that make this course come to life. And, of course, we are left to manage ourselves, on this self-management course… Already two weeks in great conversations and connections have been established. And I am hungry for more.

The overarching reason for me being here is because the business as usual hierarchical ways of working never sat well with me. I could mostly find meaning in anything I did but I prefer to be more lead by this meaning than instructions or imposed targets.

2. What does a great experience look like for me as a participant?

A great experience for me has me feeling like I am learning new things, integrating past learnings, being challenged, supported, and contributing to the course experience for others too. And a great course experience sees me being able to apply what I am learning outside the course. In my work — paid and pro bono — and interactions with others.

3. How does my participation support the mission of this project?

I believe my participation supports the mission of this project by showing up fully and participating with feedback and responses to materials and provocation provided.

4. What support do I need to ensure I achieve my personal participation mission?

I need to be trusted to do my best, be heard, and be seen. And connection.

The below perhaps sums up how I see my role. And is a good exercise in role mapping.