Wk 3 It’s all about me!

So far, I feel this has been my best week on this programme. I’ve enjoyed the materials covered in the previous sessions, but this has been the one that knocked me off my feet. Never before in my working life would I have ever considered a strategy of deliberately developing every employee within the company. I would never have thought it was achievable, firstly from a financial perspective, secondly I would have never thought our employees would be interested, and thirdly, I would have never been able to imagine the overall benefit to the company. I was so impressed with our Guest Speaker, Bryan Ungard, I immediately went online and ordered Robert Keegan’s book “An Everyone Culture”. I need to know more!! I also loved Bryan Ungards Title, Chief Purpose Officer, and although I don’t want to use the physical title, I feel I have truly identified with what my own role and purpose should be in the future.

I found the Immunity to Change Map exercise rewarding and humbling (like being stripped naked in public, see picture above). Deep down we all know we’re not perfect, but very rarely will we look in the mirror and ask such questions of ourselves. I was extremely fortunate to be teamed up with Pete, who was able to direct me on this exercise. My first attempt was extremely vague and general, perhaps I was avoiding the uncomfortable topics?? Pete guided me to focus in on a key element which helped immensely. This exercise also proved that I am extremely week at providing worthwhile feedback to others, as I felt the advice was all one way. Whilst I was able to benefit from constructive feedback I found it extremely difficult to give feedback, as I’m struggling to find anything to comment on that would add value.

Ken Laidlaw Immunity to Change 2

Improvement Goal

I am committed to being a better listener and communicator.

Behaviours that work against my goal

Hidden/Competing Commitment

Worry Box

Other people might have better ideas than me. I’m not confident starting conversations on topics I don’t know much about.

I am trying to change my leadership style, and I’ve no idea if I can do it and be successful.

I might encourage better ideas from others if I ask more questions and encourage conversation. I worry that I won’t be seen as the knight is shining armour.

I am committed to

having conversations with people that I would normally avoid.

Asking for ideas and suggestions and being very flexible

Asking for feedback on my communication performance

Letting others be the Knights in Shining Armour

Big Assumptions

I do all the talking

I don’t really listen, unless they tell me what I want to hear

I don’t ask the right questions

I always think my ways the best way

I pick faults in responses that don’t match my thoughts

It’s difficult for others to change my mind

I don’t like holding meetings

I find it difficult to encourage people to participate in meetings

I’ve got to this stage in my career, more through good luck and other peoples efforts, rather than my own raw talent.

I assume that only a few of my colleagues are actually interested in seeing any form of improvement either in themselves or our company

I assume that everyone should listen to me, as what I’ve got to say is more important than what they have to say

I assume that I can solve most problems or issues in work

I assume that everyone can read my mind and understands where I’m going with an idea.

I assume that everyone thinks I’m the knight in shinning armour.

Actions to achieve my goal

Listen to people

Ask the right questions

Look and Sound engaged and interested

Be patient

Encourage people to speak