Wk 4 Assignment — Generosity

After watching the videos and reading the supporting information relating the Giver/Taker, I immediately categorised myself as a Taker. I knew I was not a Matcher, as I’d never do anything just so that the favour can be returned. When I completed Adam Grant’s online assessment it showed I was quite strongly a Giver which sort of surprised me at the time. But after thinking about my own style a bit more, I thought perhaps I am a bit of a ‘Giver’.

As a team this week, I felt we struggled. I think the assignment was a little lose for me, therefore difficult for someone like me to get my teeth into. As I mentioned at Mondays session, this is an area of my charter that needs a lot of attention as none of this comes naturally to me. In the past I’ve read many articles regarding generosity in the workplace, but for whatever reason, I’ve not thought about or understood the importance of generosity in my own workplace, but I do now!

Giving feedback is also something I struggle with, either positive or negative. I often find myself being extremely frustrated by some of my colleagues in work for not completing their tasks accurately. Yet I would never sit them down and give them gentle feedback, with the view to them doing a better job. I might send their work back, but I wouldn’t talk to them and explain the importance of getting it right, and checking work before sending it out. For example I would not suggest that someone’s telephone manner needs to be improved for fear of looking like I’m being aggressive or picking on that person. I’d just sit back and think that person’s no good on the telephone and perhaps I’d try to replace or push them to the side. It all seems so obvious now but I can now see how inefficient and frustrating our workplace has become because nobody gives anybody any feedback.

I gave one of my teammates some feedback on their website this week. My first thought when I opened the website up was just to say, “yep it looks great” and move on. At that point, I didn’t want to offend or criticise, so I would have been happier to take the easy route. Then I realised that by not providing my honest thoughts and feedback, I might actually be doing more harm than good. If for example there were obvious errors, (which there was not) and I did not point them out, perhaps this would affect sales in the future? However I still felt very uncomfortable writing my feedback as I felt that 90% was based on my own opinion, so I don’t know if I’m right or wrong.

One hour before the main session on Friday, our team met up for an hour to discuss the assignment and have a general conversation around progress so far. This was the perfect place for me to build on what I mentioned above. I felt I was in a safer environment where I would be happy to give and take feedback. So the moral of my story is that I must build trust within my environment to allow for honest feedback. If I’m not comfortable with my peers, I won’t feel confident giving feedback.