Added hotkeys and “exclude pairs” support to online pairwise tool

In early June 2019 on weekend and within 24h sprint I’ve built and launched a web-based, simple and easy to use pairwise tool based on allpairspy. And I also wrote an article about that launch and the process behind it:

I’ve noticed, that the tool was found useful: the number of users steadily grown up (usage has dropped during pandemic after-shock in spring-summer 2020):

SQA Mate pairwise tool stats for June 2019 — December 2020

People use it — so I decided to improve the tool even more.

First of all, I improved META-tags, keywords, description, texts — so people could find this tool even more. At the beginning of 2021 the tool was the 2-nd in Google rank for a direct request of “Pairwise Online Tool”:

Then I implemented “exclude pairs” support. In initial version users could not exclude “Android” and “Safari” pairs for example (removing them manually from the generated result was an incorrect action). It was a worth doing feature for sure! So, I’ve built it.

And finally, I decided to add hotkeys support. I’ve noticed in logs, that users experiment a lot with pairs and “exclude pairs” feature could add (and actually added) even more experiments. And hotkeys of “Shift+Enter” and “Esc” could improve their UX even better. And I am going to add a tracker to logs to distinguish hotkeys and mouse clicks to find out if users actually use that feature or I need to remove it (read here what statistics eventually told me).

Finally UI of the tool today looks this way:

A bit messy. UI simplicity dropped. Now we have more fields and instructions. But most of all the tool does its job pretty well! It did the job well and now it does it even even better! And I like it! And I hope that users like it too and they will used it more in their daily work to build better quality software worldwide during next years!

If you use this tool — thank you! If you not yet, then take a look: — maybe you’ll find it useful.

If you found this article interesting and useful please don’t hesitate to give it some claps — so I could know, that you are interested to read such articles more and more people could know about it. And please don’t hesitate to comment if you have anything to say!




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