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Workshop: “Write better titles for test cases and bugs”



Price: $25 USD for 2h class.

Why did this class appeared?

In summer 2019 I wrote a post on Medium:

By now it is one of the most viewed (2.5K) and read (1.5K) posts that I ever wrote on Medium. And I’ve noticed that people continue to be inspired by this post: they share it with their colleagues in their social networks. That’s why bursts of reading still happen from time to time:

Medium stats for the article Write better test cases titles by the end of 2020

Based on summer 2019 views and reads of an article I’ve made a presentation and took part on COMAQA Autumn’19 Piter conference with the same topic “Write test cases titles better!”:

Conference room was full of people — and many of them found those shared principles as very useful in daily practice.

In a year, in Autumn 2020 I coached several QA interns to teach them to write clean and useful titles for test cases and bugs. And I’ve noticed, that in about 2 hours of practice they started to notice weak pieces in their titles and started to write much-much better titles than I even expected!


So, I thought about this everything and decided to try to make an online workshop. To let everyone who wants this, who needs this, who sees the value here, to have some practice with me and people who share the same understanding of value that simple and clear titles can give us in a long way on the project and career.

Workshop #1 — is about writing better titles. Workshop #2 — about better steps. Both of them applied to test cases and bugs.

These workshops are based on materials I’ve described in my articles like:

So, if you don’t have time or money or will to participate on workshops with me and our colleagues — then you can read these articles and try to practice writing better by yourself.

But if you have that everything, then I’ll be glad to meet you on my workshop!

Registration page is here:


Price: $25 USD for 2h class.
Discount ($5 USD) promo-code for Medium readers: MEDIUM

Thank you for reading and see you!



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