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React Native Custom Form Handle With React Hook

Karthik Balasubramanian
May 16 · 2 min read

Hey folks. Every application will have forms to handle and every form has its own data. So how can we make “Handling of Forms” simple ??

Setting up React Native Project.

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Go ahead to this link and follow the steps on creating a new react native project.

npx react-native init FormHandle

To start the application run npx react-native run-ios inside your React Native project folder. Open your project in VS Code and head to the file named App.js.And remove the code under the return statement and replace it with:

return {

You have successfully finished creating a project.

Let us start building the form now.

Lets quickly get some code inside these empty files.

The Register Form and Form Field components would look something like this respectively.




The formdata.js file is where the heart of logic resides.

You can see that we first create a hook that will accept an Object which will set the initial form data.

In RegisterForm.js file,
const [
setFormValues ] = formData({
username: '',
email: '',
password: ''

We then use the function handleFormValueChange which is given by the hook to manipulate the form data. We pass the formKey i.e. is the object key stored in the formData hook.

(event) =>

A repo can be found here.

This is Karthik representing Timeless.

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