5 Quiet Things That Tell You A lot About Somebody’s Life

That nobody talks about

Eve Arnold
Practice in Public


Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

Since writing online, I’ve been learning a tonne about my life. I started writing online because I felt like something was missing and ever since, I’ve been quietly filling up my fulfillment cup.

I’ve learned an incredible amount about myself and the world and one thing that surprised me most is, as I started writing and reading about the world I realized that actually, a good life is measured in a million different ways. And all the surface-level stuff feels empty after a while.

All those things I was striving for right at the start of my journey are way down my list these days. I’ve been quietly totting up the things that I’ve learned to make my life full, and here they are.

1. How much do they reflect on what they have

I love people who love life.

I’ve met people in my life who have very little and are over the moon with the cards they’ve been dealt. They love what they do, they find joy in the world, and they express that often, telling me how lucky they are.

Those people, I can’t help but admire. You can choose to look at the world in two ways:

  • Reflecting on what you have