5 Signs That Somebody Has Enough

Enough, that’s worth striving for

Eve Arnold
Practice in Public


Photo by Angel Balashev on Unsplash

Homeostasis is a word that I learned early in biology. It’s a process of regulation. The human body adjusts to the conditions around you, whilst maintaining internal conditions.

It’s how you keep an internal temperature regardless of the baking sun or the relentless cold. It’s the stability I want to talk about. But I’m not talking about it in a biological sense. I’m talking about achieving ‘enough’ or stability in your outside world.

A person with enough is quite remarkable really. I’ve never quite realized the profound implications of having enough.

Here are 5 signs that somebody has enough (and why that’s a good thing).

1. They find the joy in the little things

It’s easy to tell when somebody’s mind is floating elsewhere.

Their world can be full of joy and love and yet, they are elsewhere, exploring things that might not ever happen. The first (and perhaps) easiest way of distinguishing whether somebody has enough is to assess their ability to appreciate the small things in life.

A cup of coffee, a text from a friend, a beautiful thought — all are little things, tiny things really but somebody’s ability to appreciate those…