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All Hope Is Not Lost On Your Under-performing Content

A step-by-step guide to repurposing your content

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Repurposing isn’t just converting one content into another form or posting the same content on different platforms.

It goes beyond that. Repurposing requires you to adapt a piece of content for other formats and to other mediums, making sure it is suitable.

Depending on which format and platform you use, there are different ways you can reuse and optimize your content to make it reach more people thereby giving you access to more clients, prospects, and money.

I am more active on Twitter and Instagram than I am on LinkedIn and TikTok, some people are conversely more active on the platforms where I am not.

Repurposing allows you to reach all those people and build more social media platforms simultaneously. Maintaining a consistent presence on all platforms is a lot of work but there are techniques you can use to ensure you still make the most of the platforms.

Repurposing Based On Format

Videos: If recording videos is the thing that comes to you more easily or naturally, you can repurpose that content into text, audio, and graphics.

We talk differently from the way we write. Writing needs to be a bit more structured and formal than vlogging on YouTube which is why you can’t just use the direct transcript from your videos. Turning your videos into articles would require you to write attention-grabbing headlines, using simple and short sentences, and avoid run-on lines.

Editing your transcripts for the regular grammatical errors, repetition, and sentence construction is important.

Videos to photos: your videos can be repurposed into images that can be used on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pictures that have your words written as graphics have the potential to go far faster than videos sometimes. Videos have indeed become more popular. There are several times that a short quote of someone’s words has affected you more than the long video you saw. This works mostly when your content is to inform or educate. A short quote is more memorable and speaks to a specific pain point at the moment. Look for the punchy moments in your videos and create short text graphics that can be shared on several platforms and watch your words resonate with many more people.

Make it direct, and keep in mind that you are talking to just one person.

Repurposing Based On Platform

Repurposing your content for different platforms requires that you understand said platform. You need to understand what works for each platform.


You can make a Twitter thread from your video transcripts and articles. On Twitter, tweets go viral when the words are direct and personal. Many times, people tweet about the fact that they have a thought and they come on Twitter to find that another person has tweeted the exact thoughts. This is what makes people retweet your tweet. Rephrase your words personally without sounding too preachy and you get what works for Twitter.

Tweet the key points from your article or video transcript.

Text to Video

Your articles can also be repurposed into videos for YouTube, Tiktok, or Instagram reels. There are several ways you can achieve this.

· The first way could be to record a video of you saying the words, explaining the key points of your articles. The advantage is that you already have a script with your original articles.

· You could also record a video of you doing the most random act while the words pop up on the screen and you point at them. You see those kinds of videos all the time on the internet.

· Another alternative is to create video content with your articles using stock videos that you can get from pexel and other websites on the internet.

Tools You Need

Canva is one of the best tools for creating video content or text graphics content. You can add your brand colors, add an image of yourself, or something that relates to the concept you are talking about.

Video Editing App: Editing or cutting up your YouTube or long-form videos into 30 seconds, 15 seconds clips to be used for your reels and Tiktok is another way to repurpose your content. You can get 5 or 10 reels and TikTok content from one YouTube video. The hack for all these short-form content is to make sure you add subtitles to make it easily accessible for many more people. They don’t have to turn on the sound to get the message.

Repurposing is one way to get the best out of your content. You find that you have more content than you thought and more ideas would come to you as you rework your already created content.

Have you been thinking of distributing your articles to other social media platforms but are too busy? I can repurpose your articles into text graphics, videos, and tweets for your social media accounts. Reach out to me on Upwork.



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