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Creators: It’s Okay to Learn Marketing

Art and business aren’t mutually exclusive

Most people think you have to be a sellout to make it as a content creator.

They mistakenly believe that adding some marketing pizazz to your art makes you a hack.

Things like:

  • Using a numbered list for a headline
  • Creating any sort of clickable headline
  • Using hooks, persuasive phrases, and clever formatting

You Can Do Both At the Time Time

I sit in the middle.

I use hooks and marketing tricks, but I also try to be raw, authentic and share genuinely useful content.

For example, I’ll write a list post on Medium, but it’ll have depth and people will say:

“Wow, I was expecting another one of those gimmicky posts, but this hit hard.”

That’s the power of combining packaging with depth.

Start Thinking of Yourself as Both an Artist and an Entrepreneur

Combine the best of both worlds. If you want to make money as a creator, you literally own a business.

Your content is a product and you have to package it for appeal just like any other business owner would.

Realize that building a business is an art form.

The Days of Snobby and Stuffy Art Are Long Gone

Nobody wants to read stuff journalistic prose.

People are tired of being told what’s good.

That’s why the audience score is always higher than the critics.

Who do you want to impress? Your fans? Or the gatekeepers?

The answers to those questions have huge implications for your creative career.



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