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Practice in Public

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Don’t Instantly Become a Creator Who Teaches Creators How to Become Creators

So there’s this kid getting dunked on right now because he wrote a thread on how to get 100k followers on Twitter

The problem is he only has 500 followers himself.

The thread in and of itself was good, but it just came off insincere because the thread itself just reworked advice many other top creators have already posted.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with building up a following and then teaching others how to build a following, but you should build the following first.

Things Are Getting Out of Hand

There are so many people right now who want to be marketers or teach others how to be marketers but they have no idea how to do marketing. Same thing goes with writing.

I had someone reach out to me about how to get clients as a copywriter and the email itself wasn’t persuasive. They didn’t see the irony. A lot of newbies don’t.

Trying to teach people how to build a following without having one is like an obese person giving you nutrition advice. Build a following in something that interests you first, then, sure, go ahead and create courses or coach others.

I do. And we all know it’s the most profitable e-learning model out there. Get it how you live, but walk the walk at least a little bit first. I have a Medium course, but I made $300k+ just from writing on Medium before I taught others.

Patience. You can become a guru later I promise.



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