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Practice in Public

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Do’s and Don’ts For Building a Successful Writing Career

Actually, there’s only one don’t

Don’t write shit people don’t want to read.

A lot of writers do this thing where, no matter how much they write without getting any readers, they can’t seem to grasp that they’re the problem.

There’s such a thing as practicing a lot and not getting any better, which is exactly what a lot of writers do.

The Internet Changed The Writing World

There was a time when you could be a good writer and go unnoticed.

It took so long because there were gatekeepers involved and it just took blind luck to run into the right person who could help you get published.

In 2022, you have platforms available to showcase your writing. On a long enough time scale, the cream tends to rise on the top.

There’s still luck involved, sure, but you’ll have a decent-sized readership if your writing is decent. If you don’t, you have work to do still.

If you’ve been writing for years and you still don’t have some sort of following, something is wrong.

Ask Yourself This Question

If your writing isn’t striking a chord with people online, ask yourself why.
And the answer can’t just be:

“The readers don’t get it. The platforms suck!”

That can be disproved easily because there are several people on these platforms that do have a solid readership.

You just don’t happen to be one of them.

You don’t have to be a copycat, but it’s smart to study what works and what doesn’t in your genre, the platforms you write for, etc.

Things you can check for are:

•Often, you’re struggling just writing random stuff about your life with no structure.

• Is there any stuff out there that’s remotely similar? Odds are, if there’s nothing out there even close to your stuff, the crowd is right, not you.

• You have to be able to view your work as an outside observer. Would you read your writing if you weren’t you?

• Also, just be honest about if you’re being consistent enough or have enough knowledge of the platforms to get reads in the first place.

Getting good at a craft requires self-awareness, which is in short supply these days.

A great rule of thumb: never blame anyone but yourself for a lack of readers.



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