How I Write About My Life

The super-simple tactics I use

Eve Arnold
Practice in Public


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

It’s 7:22 am on a Thursday.

It’s my ambition to write most days. I’ve done it for the last 4 years. These days though, I don’t wake up and have a list of ideas waiting to go, I used to do that and it helped me for a good while but now, now I’m more free-flow.

My goal is to write about my life, in a way that helps me understand it. That’s really the point of it all. If there was one goal of my writing here, it’s to help me (and you) understand life. And while it’s a lofty ambition, it’s one I really care about.

Here’s how I do it while working full-time.

Experience the world

It sounds weird.

But my best stories come from when I’m not trying to think up ideas for stories, they are reflections on my life. They are moments that changed things for me, situations that changed the trajectory of my life.

Now, of course, I never knew that in the moment.

In the moment, I’m there, experiencing it. But after the conversation or situation just sticks with you. Maybe you think about it after work, maybe you don’t. But only months or years later, after reflecting a bit, do you realise how impactful that moment was.