How To Write An Article in 30 Minutes (My Favourite 3 Shortcuts)

3 cheat code ideas for those who want to write faster content

Derek Hughes
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Sometimes you need a shortcut.

You can’t always spend hours researching and thinking about a topic. Sometimes you need a writing idea that’s quick to execute. And brings in a ton of readers.

I work 9–5 but manage to publish 4 articles/week. I have 3 templates I use whenever I need a quick article. They are like a cheat code.

When you are out of ideas and need to produce something fast, use one of these 3 ideas.

1. Showcase your process

Readers love to hear how you do something.

So take them behind the scenes and walk them through a process you use. You might think you don’t have any but you do. Describe how exactly you do something:

  • read so many books
  • save 15% each month
  • your morning routine
  • eat healthy meals all week

Anything related to your niche works. It’ll be quick to write because no research or thinking is needed.

Why this works



Derek Hughes
Practice in Public

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