I Stopped Journaling Every Day Because It’s a Waste of My Time

Here’s what I’m doing instead

Gracia Kleijnen
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4 min readJul 1, 2024


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Daily journaling is a waste of time.

I know, it’s not what the gurus tell you. Daily journaling is the defining habit, responsible for 80% of their success.

There’s a better way to use those fresh morning brain cell (at least for me).

Before you try to rip my fingers off, hear me out.

I used to journal every day

My German C2 course teacher suggested we start writing in a 6-minute daily diary.

Every morning and evening, you answer 3 prompts that take 6 minutes to complete. The idea: to get used to writing down our thoughts, in German.

For 6 months — how long this course ran — I kept up this habit.

Once I ran out of diary pages, I continued answering the 6 daily prompts in my bullet journal.

I even kept track of days I journaled in my Habit Tracker Google Sheets template.

How daily journaling improved my life

Prompt 1: Name 3 things you’re grateful for.

Instead of whining about your struggles, you look for things you appreciate.



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Practice in Public

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