I’m Ordinary and I’m Living My Dream Life

And live your dream life

Eve Arnold
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Photo by Max Ilienerwise on Unsplash

I sowed 10 rows of seeds last Wednesday.

For the last 5 days, I’ve been watching. I’ve been watering the soil, and inspecting the tray from every angle. The back of the packet says I won’t see any results for 14–21 days but this morning?

This morning I saw the first emergence of green. The cutest little stalks have started appearing from these tiny little seeds. Like stretching in the morning sun, they met the world.

Those little seeds have been silently growing for the last 5 days until their emergence today, today I got to see them for the first time.

2 years ago, I would not have the patience, inclination, or care to plant seeds. I was too busy trying to work out how to become a millionaire. But weirdly, where I am today, planting these seeds is my version of a rich life.

Let me explain.

What most people think success is

We are sold this idea that success is progress.

To be ahead means status, power, and money. If you are at the top of the corporate ladder, in charge of a tonne of people, if you call the shots and make a load of money in the process, you are successful.