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The 1 Reason Most People Fail At Making a Living Writing

I’ve been writing for eight years and doing it full-time for three, making multi-six figures each year.

I can spot which writers will make it and which ones won’t.

Most people who try to make a living writing and end up failing all have the same thing in common.

They don’t publish enough.

Here are some of the other reasons I’ve learned people fail at writing based on that major fatal flaw:

  • Perfectionism: Some writers think they need to be the next Earnest Hemingway in order to hit publish when the key to getting good is publishing low-quality work until you get good.
  • Self-centeredness: It’s self-centered to avoid publishing because you think the world is waiting for you to fail. Truth is, no one cares, at least to start, and you’d know that if you weren’t so wrapped up in your own feelings.
  • No system: If you want to fail as a writer, just write whenever you feel like it and start typing on a blank page with no idea what the structure of your post will look like beforehand,

All the top writers I know publish often. Maybe not daily, but with a consistent output that happens every single week, without fail, for years at a time.

Without doing that, you’ll never make it full-time, so, do it.



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