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The First Step to Being a Successful Content Creator: Figure Out What You Want to Say

It took me 10 years, here’s how you can figure it out in 10 days

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For many years, I struggled with clarity. I knew I wanted to own a business, but I wasn’t sure what the business was going to be. I knew I wanted to have a personal brand and say something online but it took a long time to figure out what exactly I wanted to say to the world. I used to work at a radio station and I was good at my job but to translate that into an online presence was a struggle for me.

In 2021, when I started writing on Medium, I started to get clearer on what I wanted to say. It is usually around our struggles and challenges we are trying to overcome as individuals.

All you have to do is keep finding new ways to say what you have to say and tell your story.

As a content creator, especially one looking to build a personal brand, it is easier to create content when you know what you want to say. It took me ten years to figure out what I wanted to say because I wasn’t following some basic rules and here is how it can take you 10 months or less to figure it out.

  1. Write down/ journal your first thoughts in the morning

I consider mornings very sacred. I like them free and quiet because you get a lot of clarity with that fresh mind after a good night’s rest. That time of the day is when what is paramount to you occurs to you.

Research suggests that ‘A scientific study of brain circuits confirmed that this creative activity is highest during and immediately after sleep.’ Tapping into the power of this time of day helps you gain clarity and perspective. If you want to know what you have to share with the world, consistently journal or write down your first set of thoughts in the morning. After a while, you’ll begin to gain more clarity and see a pattern in what you care about.

2. What are you always trying to say

If you are like me and you find yourself talking to yourself a lot about the world around you or you find yourself wanting to talk to other people about things, paying attention to the things you are always talking about might be the key to your content creation journey.

Everyone is always trying to say something. The difference, we sometimes don’t pay enough attention to our thoughts. What is that thing you are always trying to say? What do you think people should know that they don’t know? What do you see on social media that triggers a response from you or makes you want to argue? Your answer to those questions will reflect your philosophy and voice.

3. What kinds of content do you care about

Chances are the kinds of content that you gravitate towards are the kinds of content you would like to create. Do you like motivational or inspirational content, self-help content, comedy, etc. whatever you like might be your vibe?

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