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Whose Content Will You Come into Contact with Today?

Ayodeji Awosika
Practice in Public
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3 min readMay 18


Let’s Welcome: Josh Hicks

They Write About: I write for people looking to instill more discipline and write about self-improvement, mindset and pursuing excellence.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@evenkeeledone

Let’s Welcome: Tyler Luizinho

They Write About: Author of Spark Perception — Perception is the act of bringing into awareness. This could simply mean being awake to our senses. Or it could be an idea, previously unknown or ignored, being brought into conscious awareness. Spark Perception is a blog dedicated to igniting perception through various topics concerning biology, spirituality, and when needed, their connection. It is a humble attempt to organize my ideas, enhance understanding, and cultivate insight. The goal of Spark Perception isn’t a goal at all; it is simply a creative process. A process aimed at Sparking Perception in myself and others.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@sparkperception/

Let’s Welcome: Indeewar Sehgal

They Write About: Passionate about writing on personal finance, investments, travel & lifestyle. I like to write and share my thoughts based on personal experiences and research of last 15 years.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@sehgal.indy

Let’s Welcome: Elaine Hilides

They Write About: I write in the self-development field and have been a well-being coach for over a decade, helping point people to an easier and happier life.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@elainehilides

Let’s Welcome: Cheryl Watson

They Write About: I help Christian Women (&men) experience a happier Christian walk by growing in the Grace of God.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@thehappychristian

Let’s Welcome: Tim Wright

They Write About: I write about how to live life to its fullest potential, which includes topics like overcoming fear and anxiety, improving relationships, loving yourself and others, and a host of other subjects that will encourage, challenge, and inspire you to savor every moment of this amazing adventure we shared called life.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@timowri

Let’s Welcome: Girl Vs Time | Nidia

They Write About: Writing mainly about self worth, and how it relates to finance.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@girlvstime

Let’s Welcome: Angela Treat Lyon

They Write About: Hi — I’m an artist, stone carver, book designer/publisher, book coach helping authors write and publish their books faster and easier. I write stories about my strange adventures, which people tell me inspire them and lift them up. That’s what we want, right? Niche audience: anyone needing inspiration to keep on keeping on, and who wants to ditch anxiety and build confidence.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@lyonlyon

Let’s Welcome: Nour Alhakk

They Write About: I write about politics, religion, history and LGBTQ

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@n.elshereef

Let’s Welcome: Shannon O’Flaherty

They Write About: I write for predominantly women who feel unseen, undervalued, not heard and want to find their power and inner truth and happiness.

You Can Check Them Out Here: https://medium.com/@shannon-98556

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Ayodeji Awosika
Practice in Public

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