Your Boring Life is Perfect

The joy of ordinary

Eve Arnold
Practice in Public


Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash

This morning I took a long stroll with my pups.

It’s a walk I’ve done a thousand times. I snoozed in bed with a coffee, got up, threw on some joggers and headed out the door before the world woke up.

A jumper was just enough. Wagging tails and sniffing noses are enough to warm your soul anyway. As the skies rubbed it’s eyes and woke up, I was talking aloud and pondering life.

On the journey, I met one cat, one rabbit, a few chickens, a gathering of sheep and birds singing. The morning was quiet, settled, and calm.

It’s a walk I’ve done a thousand times, and will likely do a thousand more, but still, there is beauty in the ordinary.

Overconnection and endless productivity

I’m not sure about you, but for me, often, the measure of a good day is how much I’ve done.

I can’t help but feel good about myself if I tick something (hopefully a handful of things) off the to-do list. Especially those tasks that have been sitting on the list for an age.

Yesterday I felt good.

I cleaned the passageway. It’s a little corridor between my house and the garage that connects the front and the back. It has become a dumping ground…