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A web developer’s dreams, drive, and a big reward in the era of COVID-19

Practicum Student Linda Kovacs talks about using the lockdown as motivation to keep up with her childhood tech dreams

Lockdown leads to a decision

Flash forward to 2020 — Linda Kovacs had been involved with the tech world for most of her life, learning and working in the industry, but she still had big aspirations. Despite her work experience, she eventually felt that the technological environment surrounding her had evolved. At a certain point, she felt it was time for her to skill up and move forward. Then, when the coronavirus crisis reached a tipping point, Linda said to herself: “You know what? We’re in a lockdown. Let’s do this.”

Big dreams and changes all around

After two years studying computer science at university in Romania, even though her dream was to move to the USA, she felt she wasn’t ready and she moved to Italy. She performed a number of jobs, and it was in Italy that her passion for web development and design began to emerge.

Finding her place

Linda knew she wanted to develop her skills to be in line with modern requirements. Further, the COVID-19 lockdown had kicked her motivation level into high gear. She resolved that she didn’t want to study by herself, “learning alone is not the easy way.”

Choosing Practicum

On Twitter, Linda had long followed WomenWhoCode, an international non-profit organization for women pursuing technology careers. It was through them that she found Practicum’s web development program, and she quickly decided to come on board.

Going forward

Last year, after finishing a React bootcamp, Linda had a few rounds of interviews with Accenture, but didn’t make the cut. However, she was persistent in following up, “I just always follow through and here I am! The fact that I believed in myself, I worked hard to scale myself up, and I stayed motivated and persisted — it paid off in the end.”



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