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Why you’re constantly struggling and achieve nothing

There were times in my life when I was really passionate and motivated to achieving my goals, but the more I wanted to achieve, the more I struggled and the less I achieved.

Here’s what I did wrong:

No system

First of all, I had no real system in place to achieve my goals. Yes, I knew what I wanted (and how much), but I didn’t have a profound system in place to get me from A to B to Z. I was just „working“ day by day, which probably was the biggest mistake I ever made.

So having a system in place is crucial to achieve anything in your life: business, money, relationship. Just about everything you want to attract into your life has to be based upon a system or principles.

Nowadays, I have a wonderful system in place which I use daily, comprising of my goals, my achievement list, my PING list, my habit tracker. (Here’s the tool I use:

With my Daily Planner, I get closer and closer to achieving my goals in full alignment with my life’s purpose.

Have a system in place that combines your purpose with your vision, your goals, your gratitude list, your habits, your achievements and see how your life will sky-rocket.

Lots of Paradigms (Conditioning)

Secondly, I was full of paradigms and also let other people tell me what I was worth (worst idea ever!).

I grew up in a middle class family. My father worked his way up to the middle class, actually. Day in, day out, I saw the struggle. I saw how hard it was to get paid. I saw that he was trading his time for money, and not only he did, the whole family did.

Also, I noticed how money was always scarce and there was a clinging to money, a postponing of paying bills, of holding onto what we got. That was a pure poverty mindset. It was screaming „lack“ all over the place.

Along my journey, I let people tell me what I was worth, what I was capable of doing, what I was supposed to do. If you hear „you won’t achieve anything in life“ often enough you’ll start to believe it at some point.

So when I was starting my first business, these paradigms were all around and in me. So I worked hard and hard and was clinging onto money because if it was gone, it’s gone, right?

You see, you have to crack & replace these paradigms in order to become successful, to live life to the fullest of your potential. Paradigms are powerful and they can make you or break you. And it is very painful to crack them but it is worth it.

Learn more about cracking paradigms in my book SECRETS TO A RICH RELATIONSHIP (

No purpose

Having no purpose in life means that you are drifting. Life happens to you instead of for you, instead of you creating your own life path. Your purpose is the most important signal in your life, something that grabs you with its gravity, pulling you towards it effortlessly.

Your purpose is the most powerful, harmonious force in your life, and also your relationship, by the way. A man’s purpose is crucial for a Rich Relationship to happen, because his woman wants to relax in his directions.

No purpose = no directions

Without your purpose, you will always want something for the wrong reasons. You want to get rich because you want to show off, instead of just adding value to people. You want success because you want to be admired by others, instead of inspiring them.

Your purpose will give you all the right reasons for why you do what you’re doing.

You’re pushing too hard

Yes, this is also something I did, and did it wrong! I was so much insisting on a specific outcome. I always wanted something too much. I was pushing and pushing and pushing, but the more I pushed, the slower everything seemed to go.

You see, when you are pushing too hard, you are getting out of the natural flow of things, and things will become harder and harder. Yes, of course, you can get filthy rich and successful by pushing through life, but just think about what that does to you. All the tension, all the frustration, all the pushing is manifesting within you, giving you pain, stomach problems, maybe even cancer.

The thing is, once you have found your purpose, everything you will align if you allow it to!

If you stop pushing and start letting go, getting into the flow, that’s when your life is about to change.

No presence

When I was young and started my first business at the age of 16, I was overly excited and jam-packed my days with tasks and todos and ideas and brainstormings and creativity. You naturally do that when you’re young. However, as I am growing my awareness now, I realised how my younger me forgot to stay in the present moment.

Being present in the moment makes us forget all the worries and troubles and anxiety, and let’s us focus on, well, the present moment. We can dive deep into what we are doing without distractions, e.g. new ideas, phone calls, worrying about paying the rent, customer service,…

Presence is a wonderful gift from you to yourself.

Embrace everything you do in the moment you do it. As Eckhart Tolle said: There is only NOW. Past, present, future, everything is happening right now. So what you want to do is focus completely on the present moment, give it all your attention and focus on the one thing that you are working on in that moment.

No gratitude

One last thing that my younger me did not do: practicing gratitude.

Only by being grateful for what you have, who you are, how you feel, the people you love, will you be able to find the spiritual guidance and happiness to follow your purpose.

Without gratitude, there is pushing and insisting, absence, overthinking.

But once you started to practicing gratitude, your life will become more harmonious and everything you set your mind to will manifest in your life.

Gratitude is a powerful principle that uplifts your whole body, mind and spirit in such a way that all your worries are falling off and you are in a state of bliss and harmony. You are in the universal flow of things, moving towards your purpose.

With gratitude, nothing and nobody can distract you.

One more: No self-love

One little thing that I noticed about why I was struggling was that I had very little self-love. I was unhappy with myself, my situation, my body, my relationships. Everything was a big pain in the ass at that point, or at least, that was my story about it.

What happened in my life when I realised that unconditional self-love is the key to everything? Well, my life sky-rocketed. I knew what to do, why I was doing it, and how. Every day is a new beginning and the start of anything new is always exciting, right?

Unconditional self-love makes you invincible for any outside attacks.

No matter what people say or do, it just won’t affect you because you are aligned with your purpose, you are in the flow and you love yourself unconditionally.

Have a Rich Life



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