Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Nothing Will Be The Same

when you are old, you will reminisce about how life was today

There are thousands and thousands of people forecasting the future at all times. It’s a fun thing to do, pondering what it might be like. Some people might get it right, many will not. But regardless of who does and who doesn’t, one thing is absolutely definite: future life will be vastly different than life today.

During my very short lifespan, personal computers, cellphones, and the internet came into existence. Needless to say each of these three things changed the way that life went for everyone, permanently. It’s easy to think today that life will continue to be relatively the same for the foreseeable future, but I can assure you that this will not be the case. Innovations and lifestyle changes at the level of personal computers, cellphones, and the internet, or even greater, will occur in your lifetime. There is no doubt about it. I was speaking with my grandmother last weekend, and she was reminiscing about how she used to visit New York City in the 60’s and see Broadway plays, but hadn’t been back to visit since. I can only imagine how astronomically different everything was then, and how surprised she would be to see it today. And that was only about 50 years ago!

Predicting what innovations the future holds and how things will change, I will leave to other people — there are plenty of them that are far better and more educated than I am on this topic. If you are curious about some good leads, look into self-driving cars, nanotech, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and/or genetic selection in embryos. But I think some insight can be gained even without knowing what will change, but simply that everything will change, without question, and genuinely accepting this fact, against your instincts. As much as we humans like to carve out little comfortable places for ourselves and cling to stability and permanence, it can be liberating to simply acknowledge that this is an impossible goal. Instead of clinging a rock, let your expectations float free and ride the waves as they come in.