Design It!

by Michael Keeling

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The Pragmatic Programmers
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Table of Contents




1. Become a Software Architect

2. Design Thinking Fundamentals

3. Devise a Design Strategy

4. Empathize with Stakeholders

5. Dig for Architecturally Significant Requirements

6. Choose an Architecture (Before It Chooses You)

7. Create a Foundation with Patterns

8. Manage Complexity with Meaningful Models

9. Host an Architecture Design Studio

10. Visualize Design Decisions

11. Describe the Architecture

12. Give the Architecture a Report Card

13. Empower the Architects on Your Team

14. Activities to Understand the Problem

Activity 1. Choose One Thing

Activity 2. Empathy Map

Activity 3. Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) Workshop

Activity 4. Interview Stakeholders

Activity 5. List Assumptions

Activity 6. Quality Attribute Web

Activity 7. Mini-Quality Attribute Workshop

Activity 8. Point-of-View Mad Lib

Activity 9. Response Measure Straw Man

Activity 10. Stakeholder Map

15. Activities to Explore Potential Solutions

Activity 11. Personify the Architecture

Activity 12. Architecture Flipbook

Activity 13. Component Responsibility Collaborator Cards

Activity 14. Concept Map

Activity 15. Divide and Conquer

Activity 16. Event Storming

Activity 17. Group Posters

Activity 18. Round-Robin Design

Activity 19. Whiteboard Jam

16. Activities to Make the Design Tangible

Activity 20. Architecture Decision Records

Activity 21. Architecture Haiku

Activity 22. Context Diagram

Activity 23. Greatest Hits Reading List

Activity 24. Inception Deck

Activity 25. Modular Decomposition Diagram

Activity 26. Paths Not Taken

Activity 27. Prototype to Learn or Decide

Activity 28. Sequence Diagram

Activity 29. System Metaphor

17. Activities to Evaluate Design Options

Activity 30. Architecture Briefing

Activity 31. Code Review

Activity 32. Decision Matrix

Activity 33. Observe Behavior

Activity 34. Question — Comment — Concern

Activity 35. Risk Storming

Activity 36. Sanity Check

Activity 37. Scenario Walkthrough

Activity 38. Sketch and Compare

A1. Community Contributor Bios


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TOC | Early praise for Design It! 👉

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