Exercises for Programmers

TOC | Early praise for Exercises for Programmers 👉

Table of Contents


How to Use This Book

1. Turning Problems into Code

2. Input, Processing, and Output

1. Saying Hello

2. Counting the Number of Characters

3. Printing Quotes

4. Mad Lib

5. Simple Math

6. Retirement Calculator

3. Calculations

7. Area of a Rectangular Room

8. Pizza Party

9. Paint Calculator

10. Self-Checkout

11. Currency Conversion

12. Computing Simple Interest

13. Determining Compound Interest

4. Making Decisions

14. Tax Calculator

15. Password Validation

16. Legal Driving Age

17. Blood Alcohol Calculator

18. Temperature Converter

19. BMI Calculator

20. Multistate Sales Tax Calculator

21. Numbers to Names

22. Comparing Numbers

23. Troubleshooting Car Issues

5. Functions

24. Anagram Checker

25. Password Strength Indicator

26. Months to Pay Off a Credit Card

27. Validating Inputs

6. Repetition

28. Adding Numbers

29. Handling Bad Input

30. Multiplication Table

31. Karvonen Heart Rate

32. Guess the Number Game

7. Data Structures

33. Magic 8 Ball

34. Employee List Removal

35. Picking a Winner

36. Computing Statistics

37. Password Generator

38. Filtering Values

39. Sorting Records

40. Filtering Records

8. Working with Files

41. Name Sorter

42. Parsing a Data File

43. Website Generator

44. Product Search

45. Word Finder

46. Word Frequency Finder

9. Working with External Services

47. Who’s in Space?

48. Grabbing the Weather

49. Flickr Photo Search

50. Movie Recommendations

51. Pushing Notes to Firebase

52. Creating Your Own Time Service

10. Full Programs

53. Todo List

54. URL Shortener

55. Text Sharing

56. Tracking Inventory

57. Trivia App

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TOC | Early praise for Exercises for Programmers 👉

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