Explore It!

TOC | Early Praise for Explore It! 👉

Table of Contents




Who Is This Book For?

How This Book Is Organized

Online Resources

I. Establishing Foundations

1. On Testing and Exploration

2. Charter Your Explorations

3. Observe the Details

4. Find Interesting Variations

5. Evaluate Results

II. Adding Dimensions

6. Vary Sequences and Interactions

7. Explore Entities and Their Relationships

8. Discover States and Transitions

9. Explore the Ecosystem

III. Putting It in Context

10. Explore When There Is No User Interface

11. Explore an Existing System

12. Explore Requirements

13. Integrate Exploration Throughout

A1. Interviewing for Exploratory Testing Skills

Paired Exploratory Testing as Part of an Interview

Assessing the Candidates

A2. Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet

General Heuristics

Web Heuristics


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TOC | Early Praise for Explore It! 👉

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