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For the Love of Food- A Foodie’s Guide in NIT Trichy

Food Doodle (Source-CrushPixel)

The food in NITT is like an ECG graph when the quality comes into question. Mess food can be mouth-watering for a day while it could also be quite the opposite on another day. However, with several eateries available within and outside the campus, the hostel messes sporting a full house is a rare sight altogether. Don’t get us wrong, mess food isn’t that bad, but yes, as the days go by, you will be in dire need of a change after days of regular classes. A change in the dining place usually provides this difference! Here, we present you a tour of the food joints you will inevitably frequent as you spend the remaining years of your college life in the sprawling NITT campus.

Bang for your buck places

  • Dhabas

Outside CAMPUS

A drink from the Dhaba

The phenomenal open-air restaurant is the necessary haven for all NITT students. It’s located right outside the campus main gate and is the perfect spot to treat and demand treats with your friends. It opens around 7 pm and is a great dinner pick on campus. This is where generations of NITTians have created memories, and it can solely be accredited to the excellent Mani Anna, who specializes in cocktails and his iconic names for them. He holds a special place in the heart of all NITT students.

  • Coke/Bru Station


In front of Agate hostel

Coke Station

The very artistic and conveniently located snack shop is the only refuge for those late starters. It is a saviour for a bunch of us who rely on the 10:30 break for breakfast. With a veg puff for only 10 rupees and an assortment of drinks, it fills your stomach and successfully makes you sleepy for the rest of the classes. The peak times are during the breaks and after morning classes are over.

  • The Lassi Shop


Next to Third I computer lab

Lassi Shop

This fairly new and creative spot has a wide variety of milkshakes, ice creams, and juices. Though it opens only at 11 am, it stays open till midnight and is the best spot to relax and hang out with friends after classes. It is also widely popular as a dessert shop after dinner at the mess.

  • Shopping Complex


2K SuperMarket

The only place on campus for students to buy all they need also has some great snack shop options. The ever famous 2K Market has it’s very own snack stand with an assortment of puffs, cutlets, and cake slices. Also, there is a popular juice stall with amazing thirst-quenching juices ranging from 8 to 12 rupees.

  • Classic’s Restaurant


Next to Barn Hall

Classic Foods

Located right next to the Barn Hall it attracts a lot of crowd from outside the campus. It is a great place to relax with your friends after labs and club meetings. It has a variety of snacks and dishes from fries to fried rice. The prices are great for the quantity and are a great feel to sit in their patio chair outside, within the compound wall.

For the rich-kids/ spendthrifts:

  • Cafe Coffee Day


Student Activity Center

Cafe Coffee Day

The great CCD located at the Student Activity Center is the place to go for amazing milkshakes and have a good time with your friends. Open 23 hours a day, it is a great place to go for a change in the environment. Students do project work, watch movies and have club meetings here frequently. The Oreo chunk milkshake is their signature drink, do try it out!

  • Café Cakebee

Outside CAMPUS

An auto ride away from Trichy Central bus stand, Cafe Cakebee is a small but attractive restaurant for international cuisine and dessert lovers. They have delicious food and excellent customer service. One aspect worth the mention is their presentation and ambience. It is the place to go if you want Instagram worthy photos of a day out with your friends. The only drawback, of course, is the cost. The prices will go up to about 500 rupees per head so save up if you want to hang out here.

  • Red Fox

Outside CAMPUS

Red Fox Hotel

Red Fox is one of the expensive restaurants in Trichy. Rich kids provide their birthday treats here, and hence it offers ample opportunities for the rest of his/her friends to try out this place. Jokes apart, this place still attracts many students, and a budget fixation before entering Red Fox would be a piece of good advice for the newcomers of our college. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available, and the food quality does give an able competition with the prices.

Alternate Meal Places:

  • Dimora


Inside Shopping Complex

Shopping Complex

This is one of the most popular restaurants on campus to skip monotonous mess food and have a great meal. It’s located in the Shopping Complex too and has a wide variety of dishes with specialities each day. The prices are affordable, and it’s a great place to have alternate lunch and dinner.

  • Himalayas


Near the open basketball court opposite the Hostel Office

The Himalayas would perhaps be the first place you will visit when the mess food gives up on you (or vice versa). The food quality is pretty decent, and the main highlight of the Himalayas is the Shawarma annexe. Shawarma rolls and barbequed chicken attracts a lot of students here. And for the vegetarian eaters, it’s not worrying for you all as vegetarian dishes like paneer butter masala and other varieties are also available.

For the Night-Owls:

  • Night Canteen


Located inside the girls’ hostel, next to Opal A

This one’s for the girls. Picture: It’s past dinner time, you’re burning the midnight oils because of an exam or assignment that’s due tomorrow. And just when you think your situation can’t be worse, hunger strikes. Your only option when this happens (unless you still have a bunch of snacks from your most recent supermarket hoard) is the night canteen. The night canteen inside the girl’s hostel has all the basics from Maggi to masala dosa including coffee, shakes, and for those days when you crave something sweet: ice cream. The quality varies depending on the caterers, but the prices are always reasonable. As the semester progresses, you’ll find yourself in the night canteen more often than you expected.

  • Chaat Khazana:

Within Campus

Opposite Diamond hostel, besides the open basketball court

Chaat Khazana

Within the hives of South Indian food, Chaat Khajana provides a niche for the ones who want to recall how north Indian snacks taste like within our very campus! Chaat Khajana offers several chaats, paranthas, rolls, sandwiches, and sodas, and it opens at 3 in the afternoon. If the opening time seems a bit off, then consider the fact that it stays open till 2 in the morning! Students can snack here up after a day of tiring classes, while the night owls can also come here up and have a north India throwback.

  • Sara Foods


Opposite Mega Mess 2, behind Pearl hostel

Sara Food’s Menu

Sara’s provides authentic urban dishes like burgers, French fries, pastries, and soft drinks. A den for night owls, the snacks are also priced at decent rates. However, the waiting time may be longer depending on whether the snack is ready-made or needs to be cooked. Sara’s stays closed during the day, opening at around 3 PM and closing at 2 AM.

  • Vinayaka

Within campus

Located at the three-way junction leading to Amber hostel, near Mega Mess 1

A shady kiosk at first sight, Vinayaka is undoubtedly one of the most underrated eateries on campus. It’s a shame that girls aren’t able to visit this place due to its location. It opens at about 7 in the evening, and personally, I have even had a chicken cheese Maggi at around 3 in the morning. As far as popularity goes, this place stays buzzed with people even at 2 in the morning, and hence they close at a time way beyond 2 AM usually. The hot chocolate, the cheese sandwiches, and the chicken cheese Maggi are the highlights of this eatery. There are other delicious snacks available as well, which you all can discover post entry into the college campus.

So the tour is complete, we hope that you will find it useful to a good extent. With everyone raring to be back on campus, this tour could only add more spice. But don’t worry, the spice quotient in the NITT eateries isn’t a problem. This was not a metaphorical one. Happy anticipation!

This piece is written in collaboration with Souvik Ray Baruah, Ram Kannan, Hajira Harris and Aditya Pethkar



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