This is why we need the Web of Stories. Let’s build it together!

Hi there! 👋😺

We’re building Praise, a social network around the best reading recommendations on the web.

There’s three things you can do with Praise:

  1. You praise journalism that you think is exceptionally good.
  2. You follow people, experts and publications to see what they think is worth praising. In addition to you, we also compile stuff like best longreads, best foreign reports etc. for your convenience.
  3. You get the best stories in your inbox. Once a week.

Why do we build Praise?

We live in a world of misinformation and distrust. To many, it appears as if the days of journalism as the fourth estate are over. Anti-democratic sentiment is spreading like wildfire. To counter that, we need to get our facts straight but we also need good stories. Stories are not only the oldest form of entertainment, they can also be vehicles of empathy, bringing the world closer to those who listen.

Praise is a central gateway for users into the world’s best stories, the best exclusive journalism — as opposed to commodity news that are reported everywhere. While both types of journalism are equally as important, we focus on everything outside of hard news: Users share and discover stories on Praise.

To illustrate, here’s this very blog post inside Praise.

Now, we talked about what drives us to build this product from a user perspective: Get the best in journalism to your inbox. But what about publishers? Why are they getting onboard?

On the average larger publishing brand’s web offering you’ll find exclusive content alongside fast moving consumer news. We found that publishers need a place to showcase their best exclusive content, an atmosphere of excellence to convert users to subscribers. Our goal is to untangle the web of news from the web of stories. And put personal recommendations before magic algorithms.

But we’re also building a tool for authors to stay in touch with their audience. As an avid user you can even take your Praises with you in the form of a widget and place it wherever you like: On your website, underneath your articles that you wrote for a publisher, etc.


We need to promote journalism in an atmosphere of excellence for it to survive. This is impossible through platforms that do not have journalism as a core value — like the Facebook Newsfeed, Apple News or Google News. We are leveraging both our publishing partners collective power and build a trusted environment for user engagement on their web destinations. The selection of “the best” is not only what users want, it’s what publishers need to target and unlock new audiences on the open web.

Speaking of it, the world wide web is a huge motivator for Praise. None of the big players in digital ad revenue want to rely on the web to function. Not even Google. So the logical thing for them is to maximize user retention on their offerings. That’s what publishers try to do as well. Therefore, Praise will not ingest content, but instead build on an idea that is as old as the web itself: social bookmarking. We believe that social bookmarking is far from dead. On the contrary, we need it to empower the web. Without noise, with a strong appeal to non-technical folk. Using the principle of trust in experts and people you know.

Our Background

Our team consists of 4 people, in both parts journalists and hackers. While we’re an international bunch with 6 languages between us, we see Praise as very much rooted in Germany. This place has a rich history in publishing, starting with the Gutenberg Press and the oldest newspapers in the world, to our present day image as the haven for internet dissidents. Instead of holding on to the status quo, Praise is a new environment for traditional values. We want people to engage with compelling stories, nourish the gift of knowledge, make others care about global issues through that device. Does that sound like a place for you? Get in touch, we are hiring for positions in development and customer relations.

Let’s do this

Feel free to sign up for our invite list right now! If there’s anything you might want to ask or an idea you want to discuss, shoot us a mail at