Praktice Health vs. Global Corporate Challenge

Have you heard of the Global Corporate Challenge? It’s probably one of the most popular corporate health challenges out there. One of the first companies in corporate wellness to come up with a program using step counters, it was well received and made a mark on the market.

As we learned, GCC did two key things right: it was easy to use, and was fun to play. It reliably counted steps as the challenge virtually took them around the world, racing against other team members in the process.

Praktice Health brings these two success points to the next level.

Ease Of Use, Turn-Key Solution

Our programs are easy to use, and are made to perform in the digital world. Based on a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices, it is a portable and intuitive health challenge.

GCC restricts teams to join only at specific dates of the year. But we believe every company has a workflow to be respected. Start your challenge when you want, as soon as you want to.

Keep things short, simple & sweet with 30 day challenges. With five different themes available, it is a perfect program to space out through the year as spurts of engaging initiatives.

Fun To Play, Doesn’t Feel Like Work!

Social media. People love using it so much because we are by nature social animals. Taking this to heart, we incorporated a social photo sharing feature. Coworkers can snap and share their healthy moments, plus like and comment to cheer each other on!

Participation is key to success. But why should teams be limited to seven people? We believe teams should be as big or as small as desired. No one is left behind, everyone from the senior execs to the interns should participate together.

Learning is fun. As our goal is to extend healthy behaviour well past the 30 day challenge, we’ve partnered up with health coaches who are experts in their fields to provide quality content. Each day unlocks one valuable tip, realistic for any modern employee to apply to their everyday lives.

Bonus points: The Price Is Right

A final key advantage is our price point. We understand that every HR manager works with a limited amount of budget. And although health challenges deserve a role in every corporate wellness initiative, we don’t believe that they should eat up the HR budget.

We at Praktice Health take pride in our cost transparency. Announced up front, we can go as low 15$ per person, no additional fancy gadgets or lush budgets needed.

So if you’re looking for a humble, engaging corporate challenge that just works, contact us today.