P.A.R.A. II: Operations Manual

Tiago Forte
Mar 19, 2017 · 1 min read

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Last month I published The P.A.R.A. Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information. It describes a simple, lightweight, yet extremely flexible system for organizing any type of digital information across any platform.

The feedback I’ve gotten has been so phenomenal, I’ve made implementing P.A.R.A. the first unit of my upcoming online bootcamp, Building a Second Brain (BASB). It will be the foundation on which the rest of the course is built.

“I'm living the PARA lifestyle now, and I'm never going back. This way lies not just productivity, but happiness and ease of mind.”

-Doug von Kohorn, BASB grad

This post is an Operations Manual for P.A.R.A., diving much deeper into the “inner workings” I’ve seen across many different implementations. Even if you choose not to adopt this system wholesale, there should be lots of tidbits you can apply to your own.

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A Members-Only Publication on the Future of Productivity

Tiago Forte

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Founder of productivity consultancy/training firm Forte Labs (fortelabs.co), editor of members-only publication Praxis (praxis.fortelabs.co)



A Members-Only Publication on the Future of Productivity

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