Prayer: Heart for Lebanon

Because of the continuing civil war in Syria, more than 1 million displaced people have become refugees to the nation of Lebanon.

Heart for Lebanon ministers in Lebanon, serving almost 3,000 refugee and at-risk families. They work to meet physical needs by providing resources such as food and education. They serve relationally by visiting those they serve in their homes, building lasting connections and sharing the love of Christ.

The refugee crisis in the Middle East is the most severe refugee crisis in decades. Dedicated organizations like Heart For Lebanon are on the front line in caring for those who have been marginalized, forced from their nations and made to give up the homes and relationships they have always known. In addition to praying for a resolution to the conflict in Syria, we pray for those serving directly with the millions who have been impacted.

Pray for:

  • the families and children who have experienced trauma and been uprooted from their homes, that they might know hope and healing.
  • the team from Heart From Lebanon, as they serve with compassion, love, and grace among those who are living with despair and loss.
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