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From 39,000 to 2,100 in NEET PG by Improving on Weaknesses

Pre-PG passionately believes that a well-told story has the power to reshape attitudes and lives. We are on a mission to find and showcase the best inspiring stories of the students who cracked NEET PG despite all the odds.

Most of the doctors fail to crack NEET PG at the very first attempt. But they still have a burning desire of achieving and fulfilling their dream to pursue post-graduation from a reputed college. It requires real guts to “Give it one more try.” But guts alone won’t work. You got to work hard towards this goal and surpass all the failures and difficulties that try to hinder your path to crack NEET PG.

Here is Dr. Abin Jose, who attempted NEET PG last year and got a rank around 39K. He did not lose hope when he could not fare well and decided to give NEET PG another stab.

He knew that achieving a decent percentile in the paper is not an easy task or a snap that can be achieved within a few days.

In his video, Abin tells how he made a blockbuster comeback by scoring rank 2100 in NEET PG 2020, and how he completely transformed his destiny by taking baby steps.

The Initial Strategy

Dr. Abin did his graduation from Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubballi. And, just like many other mediocre, he also used to study 2 months before my university exams.

He had attempted NEET PG during his internship scored a rank around 39,000, without any proper preparation That was the point, when he realized that he could give one more year and score way better.

His actual preparation started in April 2019.

For the first six months, his basic strategy was to attend classes, come back and revise notes until his next class.

Even though, he initially had subscribed to one of the famous app to practice MCQs, he never really used it.

“I had subscribed to Marrow, but I have never liked it because the questions there are quite difficult. Most of them were outside my notes.

I stopped doing MCQs altogether. “

Breaking Through the Status Quo

He followed this strategy all the way to mid-September until his courses finished. And that’s when one of his seniors advised him about the Pre-PG.

When Dr. Abin began with the daily tests on Pre-PG, he used to be in the last 50% of the ranks. But he gradually improved and by December, he used to be amongst the top-100.

“I used to give daily tests and then work on the weakest subject of my Prep-DNA for about 1–1.5 hours.

PrepDNA was my favourite part in Pre-PG. It will exactly tell you which is your weaker subject and in even the subject, it will tell your weakest topic.

This helped me a lot to identify my weaker subjects and effectively work on them.”

Dr. Abin’s PrepDNA just before NEET PG

By the time of AIIMS, Abin had already finished one round of revision. But once he wrote AIIMS 2019, he realized that a greater number of MCQs and more number of revisions are required to conquer other exams thereby increasing his timings from 8 hours per day to 13–14 hours per day.

He then, also subscribed to Pre-PG to practice the questions separately for JIPMER and PGI exams.

Just like many other NEET PG aspirants, Dr. Abin also found this year’s paper comparatively lengthy.

“When I wrote my NEET exam, it almost felt like a previous year paper of JIPMER or AIIMS. Because it was a quite a clinically oriented paper.

Even the first-year subjects like anatomy and biochemistry had a clinical edge. The paper also lengthy so I made sure I stuck to timing.

And I attempted around 293 questions and when I came out, it felt good.”

When the results came, Abin was happy but a part of him still felt that he could have done better.

But according to him, ‘In the end if you have given your everything to achieve something, there is nothing to be sad about even if you have not achieved what you desired.’

Success Mantra

As per Dr. Abin, any aspirant can crack NEET PG if he rigorously follow these three things.

1. Revise your notes at least 5 times.

2. Do the daily tests on Pre-PG. Because I felt around 180–200 questions came from this app, with the limited time I have done it.

3. And, definitely work on your PrepDNA, every single day.

So, this was Dr. Abin’s extraordinary tale who learned from his mistakes and transformed them into his strongest weapons during the NEET PG Preparation.

Pre-PG is delighted to be a part of his success journey and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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