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From “I was an average student” to NEET PG Rank 2,442

When was the last time when you gave up upon your exam preparation because of a failure?

Will I be able to get the branch and college of my choice? What if I don’t? Even after giving my best shot. Is it worth trying?

Almost all the aspirants who are preparing for NEET PG ask themselves these questions.

Dr. Ayush Gupta was one such NEET PG aspirant who faced several challenges throughout his journey. Listening to his story, we heard so many instances where others would give up. But he didn’t. The hardships, failures, and bad luck only made him stronger.

This video describes the struggles of a self-proclaimed “average student” and how he overcame them to achieve an excellent rank in NEET PG. Success stories like this make us believe in ourselves.

Ayush decided to become a doctor after the completion of his 10th boards after realizing his keen interest in biology. After 12th, he joined a college in Faridabad. He was an average student and barely passed after some last-minute studies.

Ayush had planned to prepare for NEET PG in his final year, but things didn’t go as smoothly as he thought. Due to an economic crisis at his college, it shut down. It took three to four months for him to get relocated into some other college. The turbulence had left a scar on his final year as well as NEET PG preparation.

He once again barely passed with limited attendance.

The First Attempt

He initiated his preparation during his internship year. “I wasn’t really gaining much during my internship year, so I decided to prepare for NEET PG”, he admits.

Ayush further confessed, “I always had one thing in my mind that whatever has happened with me is just because of the fact that I have never put a solid effort to prove myself. NEET PG can prove to be a turning point in my life, and that’s why I became very keen on my preparation. I realized that if you decide to give your full, then nothing is impossible.”

He didn’t count on any books but instead used to make notes from Dr. Bhatia and Marrow video lectures.

He gradually realized the need for solving MCQs during his NEET PG preparation, and that’s when he encountered Pre-Pg Prep. He wasn’t a very active user at the initial level and used to practice for around 2–3 times a week.

In his first attempt, he didn’t get into the college of his choice, but instead of getting disappointed, he took that attempt as a lesson to improve.

A New Beginning

He says, “I started rigorously practicing on Pre-Pg Prep and used to practice around 200–300 MCQs every day. From my first, I already got a lesson that solving MCQ on Pre-Pg really helped me a lot to improve my score. Not just this, I used to analyze my mistakes very keenly and used to rework on them by appearing in revision tests on Pre-Pg Prep. I was also regularly appearing in the daily test.

In the initial stage, I used to get only around 100 correct MCQs, but I worked on gradually improving with a margin of around 5%. There were the times when my ranks or index became stagnant or went down, which worried me a lot, but the fact remains that there can be no crests of success without troughs of failure in our lives.”

In the last some months of preparation, Ayush modified his strategy and devoted more hours for NEET PG preparation. “There were some days when I didn’t really feel like studying, but instead of taking a break, I used to push myself to go for another extra mile.”, he said.

There was a phase in the last some months when he got disappointed and disheartened. “My AIIMS didn’t go well. I also appeared in some of the grand tests of Marrow, in which I scored very low, and my morale badly got affected by this.”

Getting to Smart Practice

But, as always, he bounced back. I went again to Pre-PG and was practicing in around 2000–3000 MCQs every day. My ranks improved once again, and I got my confidence back realizing that I was still in the race.”, he admitted.

Ayush mentions two Pre-PG features that he gained a lot from besides the extensive practice.

First, he mentions focusing on the weak topics on Pre-PG’s PrepDNA. Knowing your weakest topics compared to others in the competition is the cornerstone of smart preparation.

Second, he mentions Pre-PG’s adaptive practice, which repeats your previous mistakes until you get them right. Smart practice is about ensuring you fix your mistakes.

The Success

And then The Day arrived.

“I was mostly chill at the NEET PG day, but there is always a cloud of uncertainty.”

Dr. Ayush realized that the real NEET PG seemed to me like a replica Pre-Pg’s Mock Test. He mentions getting flashbacks of attempting the same questions on Pre-PG, which made me more confident.

“Mujhe laga ki yeh toe main Pre-PG ka paper de raha hoon”

“I felt like I was attempting the Pre-PG mock test.”

When the results came, they had exceeded his expectations. He got Rank 2,442.

“All that hard work and sacrifice were worth the effort”

Dr. Ayush Gupta is currently pursuing Orthopaedics from PGIMS, Rohtak, and his on his way to become a successful doctor. He has been an inspiration to many, and Pre-Pg is delighted to be part of his journey.

Watch His Full Story Here

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