Most of the NEET-PG Toppers Practice on Pre-PG

Arjun K.
Arjun K.
Jul 14, 2019 · 5 min read

Six of the top ten in NEET PG 2019 practiced regularly on Pre-PG. While most other apps and coaching classes like to boast and take credit for these toppers’ successes, we prefer not to talk as much about it. Why? Because toppers are not our focus. Instead, we focus on the mid-tier doctors, who would get around 25,000~35,000 ranks, and we can help them get to the top 5,000 levels.

That said, as we looked into the PrepDNA of these toppers and got some interesting insights. We also think it matters that you practice on a platform that several toppers use regularly. But let’s start with the list of NEET PG 2019 toppers who regularly practiced on Pre-PG.

NEET PG 2019 Toppers

Pre-PG was their primary platform for practice

Based on this heavy usage of Pre-PG it is clear that most of these toppers used Pre-PG as their primary practice platform. It is hard to imagine that they practice over 20,000 questions on Pre-PG and also practiced 20,000 more on another app.

A PrepDNA Example

Though you can see the top 1% dark green in this PrepDNA, if you look closely, you can find their weaknesses. For example, if you focus on the weak portion of the Psychiatry PrepDNA, you can see the weak topics.

The exploration does not stop there. You can dig deeper into each of the topics to find the weakest sub-topics. For example, on the surface, Substance Abuse looks well-prepared, but this topper is relatively weak in Sedative, Hypotonic-, or Anxiolytic-Related Disorders, which is worth studying or practicing more.

Data-Driven Insights on Toppers

1. The top 10 are usually strong across all subjects. You can see that in the PrepDNA example above. In fact, in most cases, we see these toppers already see a strong PrepDNA when they start studying. Here’s an example of what toppers have even at the early innings of their preparation.

What you see when a topper starts their preparation — an already-strong PrepDNA

That said, we do see exceptions where toppers with not strong PrepDNA make it to the top 100 or even top 10. There is a factor of luck on the day of the test.

2. Even the toppers have weak areas. As you can see in the example we presented in the previous section, even the toppers with strong PrepDNA have some weak areas. Digging into topic and sub-topic level PrepDNA provides insights for everyone. We have had several toppers tell us that topic-level PrepDNA is their secret weapon.

3. Toppers are consistent and strategic with their preparation. This insight should not be a surprise to anyone, but we still find it valuable to use data to confirm what sounds right. The toppers on our platform consistently practiced on Pre-PG and followed the principles we advocate, including focusing on their weaknesses, reviewing their mistakes, and revising regularly.

Why should you care?

Should you care if the toppers are well-represented on Pre-PG? We think you should. To know where you stand not just in a subject but also in each sub-topic, you should practice on a platform that gives you a full spectrum of users, that best represents the real NEET PG distribution. There may be apps that will capture data of paid users and others that will try to capture data of toppers by creating challenging tests. Pre-PG recreates the NEET PG test-taker population for you, and this is not just when you take tests, but also when you practice. When you see your PrepDNA, and we tell you that you are in the top 15%, you know that’s your real position. And if you are in the top 1%, it means that you are among the toppers.

What can you learn from these toppers? It is a trait we observed in all the toppers who practiced on Pre-PG — their dedication and consistency. These virtues are similar to Sai Baba’s shraddha and saburi, and are sound principles to practice in life, not just in NEET PG. Good luck!

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