The 198 Top Hacker Noon Stories Right Now — August 2018

A moment in time showing today’s technology trends

Eric Martin
Aug 3, 2018 · 15 min read
By Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

Technology is all about the now and the future.

Here are the Hacker Noon stories that people are interested in right now, according to Medium’s trending algorithm (available at You can also find most read stories by year, month and day in the Hacker Noon archive.

1. Learn Blockchains by Building One by Daniel van Flymen

You’re here because, like me, you’re psyched about the rise of Cryptocurrencies. And you want to know how Blockchains work — the fundamental technology behind them.

But understanding Blockchains isn’t easy — or at least wasn’t for me. I trudged…

2. Testing Node.js in 2018 by Nick Parsons

Stream powers feeds for over 300+ million end users. With all of those users relying on our infrastructure, we’re very good about testing everything that gets pushed into production. Our primary codebase is written in Go, with some remaining bits of Python.

Our recent showcase application, Winds 2.0, is…

3. Ruby on Rails to Lucky on Crystal: Blazing fast, fewer bugs, and even more fun. by Paul Smith

I love Ruby and I love Rails, but I’ve found myself searching for something more. Something fast so I don’t need to add caching. Something type-safe so customers see fewer bugs. Something fun to use so I actually enjoy building applications.

Would Elixir scratch my itch? It was a good start. It made it fun to write…

4. Reacting to React.js by Puyan Wei

Literally a month ago there was excitement in the Vue.js community that Vue.js got more stars than React.js on github. Stars like Hollywood stars? Really, no lol, but maybe metaphorically… or philosophically?

Github stars is a way for developers to effectively bookmark that page so that…

5. Why Increased Scrutiny is Good for ICOs & the Industries they Disrupt by Reza Jafery

It seems like the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) mania of 2017 (and early 2018) is beginning to skitter to a halt. While it may have been possible to raise millions for a cryptocurrency based on damn near anything last year, the landscape is changing. Both retail investors and regulators are smartening up. Retail investors are…

6. A fresher’s guide to DevRel by Srushtika Neelakantam

Where I come from, i.e India, the term ‘fresher’ is used to indicate a person who has just finished graduation and has no work experience. Today, I cease to be a fresher. It’s as much refreshing as it’s nostalgic. It’s also sad that like a lot of other things, I’m done being a fresher and I already feel old.

I got my first job…

7. Why AI Will Bring an Explosion of New Jobs by Daniel Jeffries

AI terrifies a lot of people.

From superintelligent puppet masters taking over the world, to fiery self-driving car crashes, to the coming age of killer machines, more and more the rise of AI seems like a chilling Black Mirror episode.

But it’s the end of all jobs that horrifies…

8. Exploring Quantum Programming from “Hello World” to “Hello Quantum World” by Rahul Kumar

We have reached in an era where we can now implement basic AND, OR and XOR logics on quantum circuits similar to the classical computing and we call this era as Quantum Era.

This article is a simple introduction to Applied Quantum Computing (AQC)…

9. One-shot containers with Serverless by Mohamed Labouardy

Have you ever had short lived containers like the following use cases:

· Batch and ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) Jobs.

· Database backups and replication.

· Machine Learning algorithms for…

10. How to Push out SaaS as Quick as Possible by Emil Bruckner

Set out to build something? Don’t spend your time on building. Spend your time on talking to customers and marketing your product. That’s especially true for solopreneurs. The problem is that building a web or mobile app takes way more time then we’d like.

We’ve all heard…

11. Simple React Development in 2018 by Joshua Comeau

Maybe you’re a jQuery developer looking to experiment with a modern framework. Or, maybe you’re an Angular developer wanting to see what all the hype is about. Maybe you’re a seasoned back-end or systems programmer looking to make the jump to front-end. Maybe you’re new to programming in…

12. SoftBank is Stifling Entrepreneurship by Max Zamkow

The story of Silicon Valley is one of regular cycles. A company is founded, scales rapidly, it’s employees start their own companies, and the cycle repeats.

The first cycle began in 1965 with Shockley Semiconductor, the first silicon-based high tech company in the bay area. In less than two years the company…

13. Why It Is Not Working For You? It’s Time To Introspect by Pramod Chandrayan

It has been my personal experience that if things are not happening as per your expectations in your personal and professional life, It is you, who are responsible. It is you, who is a loser, it is you, who don’t have the required skills-set to deliver. It is you, who don’t have the material to run the business, so it is time to…

14. How to Select the Right IoT Hardware: From Prototype to Production by Jeffrey Lee

IoT development boards and modules are at the heart of every connected product. As IoT has developed, the variety and technical capabilities of these boards has only become more complex. When building an IoT product, you may start off with an off-the-shelf prototyping kit, but as you progress through…

15. How to setup AWS Lambda with SQS — everything you should know! by Ran Ribenzaft

AWS recently introduced SQS integration to Lambda. We have been waiting for this for a long time now. In the following post, I’m going to share a quick-and-simple tutorial on how to get started with message distribution between Lambda functions, using SQS.

In addition, I will also compare between…

16. Hackernoon Live: Updates from the Google Cloud keynote by Jay Zalowitz

9:24 PST — And we are live from the google cloud keynote. We are going to be doing something a little differently today by giving live updates from a thing. We wont be auto refreshing, so you will have to refresh on your own.

9:30 — Diane Green is going through the standard “What have we done this…

17. The Tools We Need to Implement Liquid Democracy by Coalichain

“The state of men without civil society is nothing else but a mere war of all against all.” Thomas Hobbes

The role of any political system is to organize a civil society so as to ensure the peaceful cohabitation of large populations and organize the flow of goods and…

18. Data Marketplaces: The Holy Grail of our Information Age by Jeremiah Smith

This is part 2 of the Data Deep Dive series. Part 1 describes how data is transforming virtually all aspects of our economy and society, but that the true promise of the Data Economy remains largely unfulfilled because we still lack the technology to allow for standard, secure and efficient data…

19. A crypto-trader’s diary — week 13; TRON by David Gilbertson

This week, I took a look at TRON, broke my cardinal rule, thought about your privacy (and how to invade it).

But first …

The profit check…

20. Microservices, bounded context, cohesion. What do they have in common? by Bruno Costa

We live in a decade where the industry has a general consensus on how to scale an organization. We know that microservices help us work together with hundreds or thousands of other software engineers, we know autonomy is a key factor and DDD is fundamental to communicate clarity with other teams…

21. The Programmer’s Guide to Booking a Plane by Zeke Gabrielse

About two months ago, I wanted to go on a vacation. I had the hotel more or less picked out, but the transportation was still up in the air.

I began by scouring the web for cheap plane tickets, like normal travel folks seem to do. I scoured all of the fancy airlines, but all of their fares were too…

22. A Review of Udacity’s React Nano Degree by Bilal Tahir

Yesterday, I finished my 2nd Nano Degree. As a typical Millennial, I have been having a quarter life crisis every two years starting in my 20s. This led me down the path of my first career change from a (wannabe) Actuary to a Data Analyst in 2015, and my first foray into online education which was, you…

23. Autoencoders — Deep Learning bits #1 by Julien Despois

Featured: data compression, image reconstruction and segmentation (with examples!)

In the “Deep Learning bits” series, we will not see how to use deep learning to solve complex problems end-to-end as we do in A.I. Odyssey. We will rather look at different techniques, along with some examples and…

24. Implementing hidesNavigationBarWhenPushed on UIViewController by Danil Gontovnik

It’s been a while since my last post.

I am back and hoping to dedicate more time to writing tutorials and open sourcing interesting things.

What this post is…

25. How to be Productive When Traveling by Anthony Castrio

In May of this year, I founded a software agency and started living as a digital nomad. That means that wherever I go, I take my work with me on my laptop and on my phone.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last month and a half about working when you’re permanently…

26. What happens when you use RxJS in React? by Dom Kriskovic

27. Create objects in JavaScript by Rupesh Mishra

28. Functional programming paradigms in modern JavaScript: Function Composition by Alexander Kondov

29. Why you should choose date-fns over moment.js in your nodeJs applications by Ben Garrison

30. The Answer to Disruptive Technology is “Education” by Erik P.M. Vermeulen

31. Is blockchain the last resort for the emerging economies? by Olya Green

32. Coinvest — Investment Platform Review by Devin Soni

33. The Evolution of Crypto-Exchanges by Mayank Tripathi

34. The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript Geolocation Tracking by Joe Hanson

35. 7 tips for effective microservices by mitendra mahto

36. Semantic Segmentation Datasets for Autonomous Driving by Prerak Mody

37. The Eightfold Path of the Legendary Trader by Daniel Jeffries

38. Stop manually provisioning AWS for Laravel — use Terraform instead by Lionel Martin

39. A new kind of pooling layer for faster and sharper convergence by Sahil Singla

40. Can blockchain technology stop declining wages? Origin Protocol believes it can by Alex Feinberg

41. Building a Gas Pump Scanner with OpenCV/Python/iOS by Kevin Kazmierczak

42. 12 Productivity Hacks to Get Stuff Done by Sam Reader

43. Neural Machine Translation: Using Open-NMT for training a translation model by DataTurks: Data Annotations Made Super Easy

44. Growth Capital On The Blockchain by Trent Lapinski

45. How to growth hack Noam Chomsky by Erik Sandberg

46. Good Artists Copy. Great Artists Steal. by Kyle Samani

47. Five SEC-Compliant Reg A+ STOs Worth Watching by Robert D. Knight

48. Can you run ChefDK and kitchen-docker inside of a Docker container? by Aaron Kalair

49. Building Brundage Bot by Andrew Mauboussin

50. Personal Kanban by Eduard Metzger

51. Conditional Coin Flips with Rock Paper Scissors by Puyan Wei

52. What The Hell Is A Crypto Punk? by Trent Lapinski

53. Algorithms Explained: Diffie-Hellman by Pyler

54. Nested categories with rails gem Ancestry. by George Chkhvirkia

55. GraphQL nested mutations with Apollo: small fatigue, max gain by Alessandro Annini

56. Dev Rant: Stop reinventing user auth by Ryan M Harrison

57. Behold The Next Generation VR Technology: Part 2 — Full-body tracking by Kirill Karev

58. 5 Real Examples of Freelance Projects Junior Developers Should Definitely Avoid by Ariel Camus

59. The Most Promising Internet of Things trends for 2018 by DashMagazine

60. Does VC Fund Differentiation Matter? by Brad Feld

61. Welcome to Mastodon by Eugen Rochko

62. Jackpot — Should you go ALL IN? by Nele Maria Palipea

63. Logging slow Ecto queries: adventures in metaprogramming by Derek Haynes

64. Publish your first Docker Image to Docker Hub by Rushal Verma

65. How I invited myself as a Writer of The White House’s Medium Publication by Aj Dumanhug

66. The Developer’s Pill to Freedom by Stupid Gopher

67. Top Crypto News in Asia from July 26- July 29th by Joyce

68. The history of the fight against a possible real-world Terminator Scenario, but is it really needed? by Adam Milton-Barker

69. Why you should document your self-documenting code by Oleksandr Kaleniuk

70. What’s the Difference Between Data Science and Business Analytics? by Ramesh Ilangovan

71. Build a Google Home App with PubNub Functions by Kaushik Ravikumar

72. Taking an Agile Approach to New Year’s Resolutions by 😎 Nate Andorsky

73. How to Fake an Email From Almost Anyone in Under 5 Minutes by Dylan Tweney

74. Uncle Sam Wants In on Your Crypto Gains by IoTeX

75. Generics on Go’s stdlib by Juan Álvarez

76. An Alternative Investment — Small Businesses by Gary Stephens, Jr

77. Rewarding Quality Journalism in The World of Clickbait by Sanchit Gera

78. Code Mesh 2017: Day 1 review by Erlang Solutions

79. Social media, privacy and the world wide police state by Qayyum Rajan

80. The 80/20 of React Native by William Candillon

81. How to train a Keras model to recognize text with variable length by Chengwei Zhang

82. Three AI technologies that could make chatbots intelligent by Daoud Clarke

83. Blockchain Solutions: The Way to Transform Your Business Processes by DashMagazine

84. TweetHub, the missing GitHub release notifier on Twitter! by Mickaël Andrieu

85. Bcash & Coinbase: collusion, manipulation, and FUD by Brenden Matthews

86. The Emotionally Fit Founder, Part Two: 7 Traits of Emotionally Fit Leaders by Dr. Emily Anhalt

87. 4 Steps That Helped Me Overcome My Severe Procrastination by Nils Salzgeber

88. The Fun of Troubleshooting by Greg Kogan

89. Top Virtual Reality Companies in Los Angeles, CA, USA | VR App Developers by Jigar Modi

90. What Separates a Junior Programmer vs. a Senior Programmer? by Quora

91. The 3 Paths to Blockchain User Adoption by Tony Sheng

92. Install Visual studio code on Ubuntu linux by Zameer Ansari

93. The Real Reason for the Decline of StackOverflow by James Jeffery

94. Friday Night Manifesto for Better Web Development by Just Chris

95. The $10,000,000 Question by Elijah Murray

96. IPython Or Jupyter? by Karlijn Willems

97. 3 books to help you stop procrastinating by Febin John James

98. Why tech companies are betting on VR/AR? by Paulius Jurcys

99. You Don’t Need a Dependency Injection Container by Vadim Samokhin

100. For Entrepreneurs by Code2040

101. Something I wrote a while back about tech media… by Frank

102. Diary of a Flying Car Engineer #0 by Sanyam Bhutani

103. recognition by Kopjes Kattenoppas

104. Forget the ‘5 ways to be a better manager’… by Brennan McEachran 👨‍🚀

105. What designers need to know about machine learning by Emma Rosenberg

106. Why We All Need Tesla/Solarcity To Happen aka Building An Antifragile Grid. by Seyi Fabode

107. Designing inclusive illustrations (or, a brief history of the meeple) by Sara VanSlyke

108. Let the Games Begin: Scorum Launches Testnet! by Scorum

109. Swift and JavaScript comparison snippets(7) — Closures by unbug

110. When logic programming meets CQRS by Liron Shapira

111. Dear employees of Microsoft and LinkedIn by TeamBlind

112. Types of Chatbots and How They Help Businesses by SteelKiwi Inc.

113. Three common mistakes in requirements engineering by Isaak Tsalicoglou

114. How Casper Shows That Use Cases Should Come Before Technology for Startups by Founder Collective

115. Crypto market snapshot | May’18 by AITrading

116. How to write nice, typed and expressive node-express functions by Aurélien Hervé

117. Here’s Why You NEED a Crypto-Wallet by Joe Stanley

118. The 3 Step Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Research by

119. We need to end the high achiever myth by Ted Bauer

120. MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Announces Blockchain Push Notification Offering by John Licata

121. Biologically inspired product design by Daniel Christian Wahl

122. Tips for Investors When Vetting a Hardware Product by Mindtribe

123. 109 Free Things for Managing Your Money, Retiring Early, and Getting out of Debt by Anthony Castrio

124. Developer Spotlight: Abe Hendricks by Carson Gibbons

125. How I Hacked Around Facebook To Share Links to a Third-Party App by Jérémy Gotteland

126. How do product teams evolve? Is it the best way to achieve high performing teams? by Nacho Bassino

127. “Weekly what changed in crypto” by Alte.Capital — 9–16 April 2018 by Lukas — Alte.Capital

128. Swift and JavaScript comparison snippets(2) — Basic Operators by unbug

129. Celebrities headline Utah tech summit by Rhett Wilkinson

130. 23 Ways ICON is Hyper-Connecting the World by Paul Payam Almasi

131. The Era of ICO’s by Ricky Lee

132. Self Driven Data Science — Issue #35 by Conor Dewey

133. How does Angular2 work? Part 2 — bootstrapModule() by Pete Mertz

134. How I Learned that 2 = 1. The First Step of Non-Dualism by

135. Continuous Monitoring with TICK stack by Mohamed Labouardy

136. Introducing HiddenWallet : Full Block SPV TumbleBit Wallet — Testing Release by nopara73

137. I Got Sloppy. I Got Scammed by Edward T. Giraffe

138. Crazy Idea or Better Mouse Trap… by Outset

139. Why Everyone Needs a Digital Detox by Courtney Goes

140. Getting Started with AWS Lambda & Node.js by RisingStack

141. Free Startup Stock Photos by Burst & Hacker Noon by Burst by Shopify

142. How to Run a Successful ICO Bounty Program by Ivan Kan, Co-Founder of Crowdcreate

143. Stress test for Nginx + PHP + Tarantool by Vadim Popov

144. 2017 — The year blockchain went mainstream. by Mohit Mamoria

145. What’s Wrong With Mining and How Crowdfunding and Atomic Energy Could Fix It by Stas Tikhonov

146. 9 Examples of The Best Hotel Website Design You Cannot Miss Out! by Trista liu

147. For Inclusive Communities in Blockchain — An Interview with Bloktalks by Gabrielle Micheletti

148. Staying “Ahead of the Curve” in a Digital Age by Erik P.M. Vermeulen

149. The Great Capacity of Statistics & Collections: June Edition of 2017 by Travis van der Font

150. Blockchain for non-techies: 3. Smart contracts by William Rode

151. Issuing Employee Token Grants? Here’s a Better Alternative by Brittany Laughlin

152. Good Karma Roundabout by Mubashar Iqbal

153. We’re So Close To a Better Future If Only We’d Shut Up About Privacy by Kerry Morrison

154. Is Nine to Five Office Working A Thing Of The Past? by Bromford Lab

155. Trading tips from AIT desk by AITrading

156. Empty Out Your Junk Drawer by Brad Feld

157. Introducing CryptoTab: A Google Chrome Extension for Tracking Cryptocurrencies in Every New Tab by jordangonen

158. 2 Ways I Fight Impostor Syndrome by Jamie @ The Doer Co.

159. Divide and Conquer (Merge Sort) by Promila Ghosh Monty

160. Your “Frontier Tech” Startup Should Hire Business People. Stat. by Founder Collective

161. Typography Trends in Web Design 2017 by Jessie

162. The Top 5 Mistakes That Can Kill your Startup! by Ahmed El-Sharkasy

163. Tarantool: when it takes 500 lines of code to notify a million users by Vadim Popov

164. Why learning to program alone is a terrible idea by colearn

165. Machine Learning: Finding the Right Candidate for the Job by Nidhi Gupta

166. Small computing, artisanal computing by Rococo Modem Basilisk

167. iOS Adaptive Layouts by Khawaja Farooq

168. Finding the Right Price for Early Customers by Ash Rust

169. Why is Bitcoin Cash spiking? by Coin and Crypto

170. If you’re a dev, come and get your own rockstar portfolio! by Pedro Silva Moreira

171. Swift Tutorial: Native Machine Learning and Machine Vision in iOS 11 by Alex Wulff

172. 11 Habits that changed my life (and will yours too) by Manas J. Saloi

173. Considering The Information We Store in Databases, You’d Think They’d Have Better Security by KaylaMatthews

174. Twitter didn’t invent the hashtag… Chris Messina did! by Andreas Sandre

175. Bitcoin Trolling Matters and Toxicity by WhalePanda

176. Does maths make you moral? by Junaid Mubeen

177. These High School Dropouts Crushed It With Some Simple Growth Hacks by John Greathouse

178. What educators must learn from IBM’s ‘betrayal of science’ by Junaid Mubeen

179. GoDaddy Revoked and then Un-Revoked a certificate without request by Simon Green

180. Top 5 ICO Marketing Tools for the 2018 ICO Marketing Guru by Ivan Kan, Co-Founder of Crowdcreate

181. The difference having a product makes: What has surprised me most about building ButcherBox by ButcherBox

182. Technology doesn’t have to increase inequality — a message to the leaders at WEF by The Web Foundation

183. Guide into Static Site Generators by Denis Kostrzewa

184. Influencing for Real Change by Ivan Houston

185. Visionary?or Right Place, Right Time? by Nigel Stone

186. Machine Learning in Brain by Mukul Malik

187. Introducing React Easy State by RisingStack

188. 20/02/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere by BlockEx

189. What is the Temporal Dead Zone? by Stride

190. SV’s Scorecard for M4E Deals by Samaipata Ventures Writer

191. Trust No One: An Introduction to Large Codebases for New Engineers by Kat Busch

192. Tools I’ve Used To Improve My Communication And Writing by Peter Schroeder 🚀

193. Learn from Folly source code the new C++11 features. by lahlali issam

194. GDPR — an Opportunity, Not just Risks, for the Digital Business by Ken Tsai

195. Up Close And Personal: An Interview With Crypto.Tickets’ Cofounder Katerina Kirillova by Audrey Raby

196. How To Shut Down XenServer automatically With NUT by Open School Solutions

197. ʼ;ŚℇℒℇℂƮ *: How Unicode Homoglyphs Will Break Your Custom SQL Injection Sanitizing Functions by Bert Wagner

198. How I hacked Google Daydream controller (Part VI) by Matteo Pisani


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