5 Different Wordle Alternatives That You Can Play

You Can Stay Sharp While Waiting For The Next Day

Semih Aykut
4 min readFeb 12, 2022


Numbrle: Another alternative game with numbers instead of letters

Nowadays people are going crazy about “Wordle”. Josh Wardle’s word guessing game in which you try to find the secret word in a maximum of 6 guesses. It colors the box green when you’ve correctly found that specific letter. Yellow, if the letter is right but the place is wrong. Grey when that letter is not present in the word.

The thing that makes Wordle special is there is only one correct word for each day. Everybody tries to find the same word. They share their results with colorful boxes. There are social media groups filled with thousands of people talking about today’s word.

Wordle is played by a huge amount of people everyday

You can play the original Wordle at https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html

And after you find the word or you couldn’t, while waiting for the next day’s challenge, you can try out other alternatives emerged with Wordle’s hype.

5 Different Alternatives To Wordle


Numbrle: You guess the secret 5-digit number

Your first language may not be English or you may not be good with words. Don’t worry. There is Numbrle.

With similar mechanics you try to guess the 5-digit number. You can share the result when the game finishes. Everyday the secret number changes.

You can play Numbrle at https://numbrle.com


Nerdle: Guess the math equation altogether

Nerdle is the most challenging one in my opinion. You don’t just guess the numbers but you also guess the equation. And also everything should be in the same exact place.

You can play Nerdle at https://nerdlegame.com/


Worldle: Guess the correct country with the clues of distance and direction

This one is my another favorite. You start with a first guess as a country. It shows the estimated distance and the direction relative to your first guess. With those clues you continue and try to find the correct country. Also very good to improve your geographical skills!

You can play Worldly at https://worldle.teuteuf.fr/


Lewdle: Guess the bad word

This one is a funny one. You guess the word like in Wordle, but the word is a dirty word. Also, each guess must be a lewd word.

If you have a dirty mouth you can try this one. I don’t play this because it’s so difficult for somebody whose first language is not English. I don’t know that many lewd words! 😇🤣

You can play Lewdle at https://www.lewdlegame.com/


Squareword: Two dimensional word guessing game

Two dimensional word guessing game. The words are hidden in the rows and columns of the square. You guess the words and try to reveal the whole square.

This one also is very challenging. For those who trust their linguistic, logic, memory and attention skills. You got to be multi dimensional to solve this!

You can play Squareword at https://squareword.org/


Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

These wouldn’t be possible without Josh Wardle’s and Wordle’s success. It was a great example to show that fun, brainstorming and connection can be achieved with such minimalism and simple technology.

There are big game companies that spend millions of dollars to achieve this with super realistic 3D virtual worlds yet can’t make it happen what Wordle did with 30 boxes and one word and one 2D page.

For me it was a super enlightening experience to see this. To realize that people don’t need fancy 3D graphics or 30 hours long scenarios or direct multiplayer connection in order to enjoy, compete and connect. This is a great lesson to learn from.

Now I really started to wonder: Will games be simpler in the future?

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