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5 Reasons Bitcoin Is More Than Just an Asset

It’s time to realize investing in Bitcoin isn’t about a little extra money — it’s about an idea.

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If you own Bitcoin, you don’t own an asset. Instead, you own an idea — an idea held by every living being on the planet (although some don’t recognize it) — the concept of freedom.

Censorship on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, more laws, regulations, and policies, “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,” do any of those concepts sound or feel like freedom? When the rich elite forge new paths to make money, the hammer stroke falls hardest on us. And that’s why we must support Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the idea you should control your financial future, not some self-interested third party. It’s more than an asset. It’s a chance to break free from the monetary bonds keeping you chained to the rock while the vulture feasts.

So, let’s talk about it.

#1: A guardian against corruption

Super-Bitcoin standing on top of tall building pointing at corruption with clouds in the background.
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Financial corruption has been a problem for humankind since the inception of money, value, and trading. Foremost, corruption is dishonesty and abuse of power and position for personal gain. Therefore, we must ask, why must someone gain more than they need? The answer stems from the oldest of instincts in humans: survival. Given humankind has the capacity to abstract, we conceive of possible futures.

Moreover, many of these futures contain the possibility we won’t have enough of a vital resource to survive, and we will die. Therefore, to survive, we must accumulate as many necessities as possible. Finally, our uncertainty of the future, coupled with a strong need to survive, breeds the possibility a human being will forego their morals to survive. And we now have a corrupted individual.

Bitcoin removes corruption through its decentralized blockchain:

  1. A participant creates a transaction and broadcasts it to everyone on the network.
  2. The algorithm makes a block after it reaches its transaction limit.
  3. The blockchain participants “vote” on a block’s authenticity, accuracy, and legitimacy through Bitcoin’s network.

As a result, the algorithm forms a new block from partial information from the previous one, and the process begins again. Soon, the blocks form a chain or blockchain. Next, if only one blockchain exists, then verification is simple. However, if the blockchain forks into two separate chains (forking frequently happens for various reasons), the network participants must vote for the one with the most “work,” to authenticate and legitimize, and the network disregards the other one.

Thus, Bitcoin’s decentralized blockchain creates democratic governance over one of our worst qualities: fear. And although it doesn’t stop a person from being corrupt in mind, it does in practice and protects those who want to live an honorable life.

#2: An advocate for individual freedom

Woman with bullhorn praising speaking to crowd on a lovely sunny day.
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We value individual freedom in America, but we often relinquish freedom bit by bit for “security.” What’s worse is we expect security from the most corrupt people our country has to offer. Arguably, politicians in America (which our founders hoped would be the best of us) are the worst of us. And while a society naturally requires central government, ours is pretty lumbering and terrible.

We only need a fraction of our government to function properly. But we’ve given so much away we now face a monster making decisions affecting our survival and taking our freedom.

Bitcoin gives participating individuals more freedom. And Nakamoto made decentralization the priority in Bitcoin’s whitepaper. He/She/They answered the question of whether humans could govern themselves. While still needing an external method to assist humans in self-governance, the system evolved from us.

The Bitcoin blockchain is a tool used to acquire and express our desire for more freedom. And with a loud proclamation, we are prepared to accept any hardships that come with it. To quote Mance Raider from Game of Thrones,

“All I ever wanted was the freedom to make my own mistakes.”

Yes, we may lose money investing in Bitcoin, but we learn from our failures. We need our failures. Bitcoin doesn’t take away that freedom it gives it — plainly and openly.

#3: It brings back democracy

Person dropping a Bitcoin into a ballot box.
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Communication to our leadership about how we desire to live is critical to democracy:

  1. Those who feel the calling to lead us and promote our interests take to the campaign trail.
  2. They express their ideas to all possible citizens, deciding if the candidate’s interests align with theirs. Afterward, the citizen casts their vote for the candidate. And if the candidate gets enough votes, they enter office and execute their ideas.
  3. The citizens reap the rewards of policies supporting their lives.

Sounds nice.

However, none of the previous steps happened as designed. Instead, we often vote for a lie, and our candidate executes none of their ideas aligned with ours and making our actions meaningless. As a result, nearly one-third of our country doesn’t vote because they feel it’s a waste of time — their most precious commodity. And it’s part of the corrupted election process we’ve had for, perhaps, since America’s inception.

Still, through Nakamoto, Bitcoin made the will of the people known. It expresses the choice to be free and to decide our fate through a democratic process. Indeed, Bitcoin has its problems to iron out, but the blockchain is the most democratic way of fixing them. For example, first, a group of citizens presents changes to the blockchain as a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal). Then, all network participants vote on the change. Finally, if the majority votes in favor, developers execute the BIP.

Do you think we would move any slower than our government making decisions?

#4: It provides security through unbiased objectivity

Security guard standing in front of a Bitcoin vault.
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Politicians in America meet the needs of not the people but corporations and wealthy elites. So, for example, a donor can bribe a senator. Or, a corporation can lobby them (same thing). And although people make arguments that whales manipulate Bitcoin in the same sense that the few control the many, we can’t look at an opportunity and give up.

Would you trust a blockchain consensus over a smiling senator?

I’ve acknowledged blockchain’s weakness, and so has the author. And we have mechanisms in place to solve those issues democratically. So, you play the hand you’re dealt, and you don’t cry about it. Instead, you make the best of it. And if you’re persistent enough, you can make a great deal out of it. So, my money goes to Bitcoin because it’s the option with the most freedom for me to forge my future securely and with little third-party manipulation.

#5: The power to enact fundamental change

Woman staring off into a warm evening sunset.
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Nothing changes for average Americans except situations get worse. Wages haven’t competed with inflation since the ’60s. A chunk of Gen Z left the 9–5 workforce. Moreover, our country is in unsolvable debt. America is an ATM for the wealthy expending people like electricity.

Nakamoto’s idea of the blockchain reaches far beyond what they possibly imagined. It gives people the power to make changes on their terms. It cuts out a central authority’s corruptive influence. And is a system giving ordinary people a fair chance to live in a world they want.

It’s a tool to empower yourself and make a change.


Corruption runs rampant through all our systems here in America, especially the financial system. Unfortunately, the few use the many as sacrificial pawns to fleece their wallets. However, it’s not something to cry about but something to get mad about. We love individual freedom. But if we ever want to achieve financial security and success, we need to seize opportunities.

Bitcoin isn’t the savior of the human race — nothing is. But, the idea behind Bitcoin is the beginning of reclamation of our lost freedoms. Bitcoin is a guardian against corruption and an advocate of individual liberty. It brought back democracy to the average citizen by providing decentralized, secure transaction power to enact fundamental change.

We have a choice to use Bitcoin’s moment to pull ourselves out of serfdom and into something better. Are you going to let the chance pass you by?

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