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5 Things You Need to Know About (And Nothing About Matt Damon) is making moves, so take heed, investor, and check out the news

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Image courtesy of Canva’s (CRO) token rose 23.25% over the past 24 hours, and the reason is the big deal with AEG. They owned the naming rights to the (former) Staples Center. Staples let go of the name rights earlier this year due to COVID hardships. And now the naming rights belong to But that’s not all. The move also means a partnership with The L.A. Lakers and Kings.

Before the big announcement, gained visibility with their commercials starring “you know who.“ However, they turned up the heat even more. The team is marketing the “Fortune favors the bold“ tagline in major cities across America.

So, what else have they done?

Nov the 8th marked the launch of Cronos. Cronos is the EVM chain running alongside the chain. It allows smart contracts for lower fees and access to Particle B’s $100 million fund together with’s 10–20 million user base.

Furthermore,’s staking and interest-earning are insane. By staking CRO, you gain benefits to services on their platform. Also, you have access to interest rates up to 14.5% on some tokens. Lastly, partnerships with Netflix and Spotify could get you free access with their card offering.

Finally, offers a wide range of services. Their services include wallet, Defi, metal Visa cards, ecosystems for businesses to accept crypto, and more.

To sum up, here are the five things you need to know about

  1. CRO is bullish.
  2. The Staples Center is now The Center.
  3. Marketing is in high gear.
  4. Cronos launched to enhance’s functionality.
  5. Their staking and interest rates are second to none.

However, let’s look at the fundamentals and avoid FOMO.

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Is CRO traded on reputable exchanges?

Yes. Including itself.

  1. Coinbase Exchange
  3. FTX
  4. Bittrex
  5. Kucoin

It’s interesting to see CRO on other exchanges because is an exchange with over 200 coins and tokens available for trade. In addition, Coinbase added CRO on Nov the 2nd, which is an excellent sign of its relative stability in the crypto-verse.

Are people talking about the project?


Search YouTube, and you’ll find a trove of people crowing over CRO (I did that totally by accident) — more so, And no one is saying steer clear. The only words of caution are that CRO looks like it’s in for a short-term drop after its recent rise. But the overall trend is upward and looks bullish.

Their Twitter following is at 1.1 million. So, people are solidly interested in it. Also, their social media team’s activity is actively promoting all their marketing, commercials, and partnerships.

CNBC and other news outlets have run the story on the Staples Center. And you know the commercial by now. If not, it’s here.

What do the Binance research and Messari data say about

Binance says nothing. But Messari has historical and current analytical data.

However, you can get that at CoinMarketCap and other places. So, I went to their website to check their blog for roadmaps. It looks like they update their company blog twice per month. And they update their developer blog every 2–3 months.

They also show their commits to GitHub on their website. Also, they post links to their Discord, Socials, Telegram, and Bug tracker bounty. As for the research results, it looks like is either on track or ahead of schedule.

Since they’ve moved off of the Ethereum blockchain, they have their own blockchain explorer here. And that’s another feather in their cap.

In addition, also has a VC branch: Capital, dedicated to helping other crypto projects.

What’s the future of


If they continue to maintain their trend, they’re going up. So I would still say is promising over the next two years. As Bitcoin keeps growing and Ethereum moves to PoS, the crypto market will rise in whole.

Even though we’ll see a bear cycle in the spring and seem to be having a tough week, CRO looks strong for the long haul. So I would add it to your watchlist, at least.

Should you buy CRO?

I’m not a financial advisor. But I’m going to buy CRO.

There are too many positive signs to ignore the potential for long-term gains. I’m a long-game player. So, CRO is right up my alley. Plus, I can’t get over the interest-earning possibilities from their staking program.

I recommend looking into it. Please don’t take my word for it, though. Always check and double-check any information you come across.


It can be tough to find a good investment to try and make more than small gains — at least, without too much risk. So many tokens come and go, and you hear news about this scam and that scam, and it makes you gun shy.

However, a project with a strong team, clear goals and solid community support comes along every once in a while. And the best part is when you can hear about the news before you miss the boat on increasing your wealth.

I believe is a project with massive future potential, support, and growth. Crypto is growing in the collective consciousness of all people. And CRO has a firm place as a forerunner of a future where people will be transacting with one another in a fair exchange system.

I urge you to look into CRO. Also, look into’s platform as a whole. Remember, don’t risk anything you can’t afford to lose.

Stay strong.

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