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7 Splendiferous Tools Used For WordPress Plugin Development

There are more than 58,000 WordPress plugins available in the market from which you can choose your business-based plugin, or you can create your own WordPress Plugin. Wondering how?

Well, for a custom WordPress plugin development, you need to use certain tools, which I will discuss in this blog today. There are thousands of WordPress plugin development tools in the market, but to save your time and hard work, I have shortlisted seven amazing WordPress plugin development tools here.

But, before that, let’s take a look at the definition of Plugin!

A plugin is nothing but just a piece of software that works as an add-on to a web browser and offers additional functionality. It allows a web browser to display additional content even if it is not originally made to display.

Plugins are one of the most powerful assets of WordPress plugin development. Plugins are modules that help businesses to provide a number of elements or features of WordPress. The number of functionality you integrate into your website depends on the specific plugins.

Plugins are different from themes and have other functions using filters, hooks, widgets, shortcodes, and custom code to run their functionality.

If you do not choose the correct tool for your custom WordPress Plugin development, you might shift from profit earring to loss earning website. I hope you don’t want that so what to do?

Consult WordPress web development company and deploy these seven excellent tools for building custom WordPress plugins.

7 Outstanding Tools Used For WordPress Plugin Development

1. Brackets

Brackets is a fantastic tool used by thousands of WordPress coders across the globe. It is a lightweight, simple yet powerful modern text editor used for custom WordPress plugin development.

It blends the visual tools into the editor so that you get the right amount of knowledge and help without getting too much into creative processes. As per Brackets claim, you will definitely enjoy writing code on the tool.

Brackets provide a plethora of extensions, and WordPress hint is the most used and must-have add-on plugins for any WordPress programmer.

Furthermore, it has a dedicated wiki now to help you start and run your WordPress plugins smoothly.

2. is one of the top-notch custom WordPress theme development tools used by WordPress experts worldwide. It is a leading open-source provider of webhook hosting and microservice.

It offers a fast and easy-to-browse index of classes, hooks, constants, and APIs for the WordPress core. This custom WordPress plugin development tool is gaining immense popularity across all the outsource WordPress developers due to its easy-to-see and drill-down code feature.

The main objective of is to help dedicated WordPress developers to get awesome designs and information quickly.

While browsing, it lets businesses choose from the five most latest versions of whatever they are exploring.

3. WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator

It is a standardized, object-oriented, and organized tool adopted by best-in-class WordPress coders for building reliable, scalable, and robust WordPress plugins.

Well, when it comes to custom WordPress plugin development, then the WordPress PLugin Boilerplate is the best choice any business can make. This tool helps you to add code sections and files of your project in such a way that anytime you can check them.

It saves a lot of time by efficiently setting up correct and dedicated directories and files that businesses can re-use for other projects too!

Furthermore, it splits all codes in the exact same way by requesting you to write admin-facing code in the admin folder and public-facing code in the public-facing folder.

4. Notepad++

So, coming to this custom WordPress Plugin development tool, i.e., Notepad++, then I must say you shall use this once as it costs you zero! Didn’t get it?

Well, Notepad++ is a free source code editor and replacement for Notepad that supports multiple languages. It smoothly runs on MS Windows environment and is governed by General Public License ( GNU). ++

Furthermore, it is based on the powerful editing component called Scintilla. Notepad++ is written in C++ and deploys pure Win32 API and STL that ensures a smaller program size and higher execution speed.

By optimizing a number of routines without compromising user-friendliness, it is trying to lower down the world’s carbon-dioxide emissions. How?

It uses less CPU power and decreases power consumption, resulting in a much greener environment.

5. WebStorm

WebStorm! As you can see, the word itself shows how powerful it is by adding “Storm.”

WordStorm provides on-the-fly error detection and code auto-completion. It is made for Javascript and smoothly works for CSS and HTML. It is free for 30-days on a trial basis.

You can use the full power of the advanced JavScript ecosystem with WebStorm. Enjoy the smart code completion, powerful navigation, refactoring, and on-the-fly error detection for TypeScript, JavaScript, and stylesheet languages.

What’s new in WebStorm!

  • Polished feel & look

A new Welcome Screen was introduced in WebStorm recently that syncs your IDE theme with various OS settings and other improvements.

  • Tailwind CSS support

With no-box support for Tailwind CSS, businesses can create their applications deploying this framework with better productivity.

  • Git staging support

You also don’t like to use changelists when deploying with Git? You can now stag business files right from WebStorm smoothly.

6. Atom

Atom is a smart autocomplete and multiple panes custom WordPress plugin development tool used by WordPress experts.

Atom is a GitHub open-source and unhackable editor. It is designed in a way in which users can customize it according to their exact needs. It’s extensible via community packages that enable you to offer non-standard features.

Furthermore, this tool has an intuitive file system browser for checking project files. It has a smart auto-completion tool that helps in writing faster code and advanced find and replace features to update any new version across the project.

Are you thinking of consulting WordPress development services in India? Great! There are hundreds of WordPress plugin developers for hire available, so don’t wait!

7. PHPUnit

PHPUnit is a best-in-class testing framework tool deployed for PHP-based code called WordPress.

PHPUnit is the de-facto testing tool used for custom plugin theme development by various start-ups, enterprises, or entrepreneurs having skilled and knowledgeable WordPress experts, whereas WP-CLI is the main command line interface deployed for WordPress.

Before WP-CLI, integrating PHPUnit testing for WordPress plugins was quite tough! WP-CLI has a wonderful guide for setting it up; however, I will still suggest you choose PHPUnit tools.

Seems tough to use? Don’t worry. You can anytime outsource WordPress developers!


Thus, deploying tools for custom WordPress plugin development is a must. That’s why today in this blog I have shortlisted the top 7 tools used for WordPress Plugin development for you. You can use these tools to build your customized WordPress plugins and deploy them on your website for smooth business operations.

Are you planning to build WordPress plugins? Consult top-notch WordPress web development companies in India or just hire WordPress programmers.




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