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A Cut Diamond

Each soul is a diamond glittering with pure light from Heaven seeking expression. Some wear their soul upon their hands like a ring and everything they do is blessed; other wear their diamond soul in a broach opposite the heart from where emanates love — but, some diamonds have no place, they are merely spilled upon the ground to be cut by reality. A cut diamond reveals many facets hidden behind the veil of perfection. Pure white light when drawn through a prism produces a spectrum of colors, revealing facets of reality hidden from the glare of perfection.

The majority of human beings throughout the world spend their lives making a setting for their diamond soul. Gold and silver are endearing expressions acknowledging the worth of the soul. Settings often change over a lifetime for better or for worse as do circumstances change from decade to decade. Though most people wanting the stability of being settled somewhere, focus on their immediate situation, their setting; others are travelers, sojourners upon the planet, roughly shaped by happenstance. The setting of a ring or bracelet; a broach or necklace is to insure the safely of the stone within an appropriate design. Diamonds without settings are inevitably scratched and cut revealing new facets.

To be a cut diamond requires tenacity and courage because reality is hard, harder than a diamond. Without the stability of a setting, the diamond soul goes unappreciated and unprotected. The diamond is hard, the hardest thing in the world, but life is even harder, breaking the diamond to reveal previously unknown facets. Every now and then throughout the course of life, we shine with an ethereal greatness when an hidden facet sparkles. Being a cut diamond is hard business requiring the ability to take the hit from a harsh hammering of reality.

There are souls so high they only exist to be admired but most of the rest are meant to be worn around a part of the body: finger, wrist, arm, leg, neck; or hung from the nose or ears — the ultimate expression is the crown set upon the head. The common diamond yet to be defined by a momentous moment suffers the indignation of unworthiness yet each soul is a diamond buried inside a body and those cut by reality are generally more interesting. Those sheltered from pain never really experienced life. It is the diamond inside the person which gives strength to the body able to forge through difficulties for a higher purpose.

Diamonds are rare and the Earth is rare amid the stars, a mine with 8 billions diamonds scattered throughout the Earth, each diamond soul is a valuable possession to the Creator who mines the world for diamonds, people whose soul shines through their hearts and into their actions. Each physical person transmigrating to Earth leaves a hole in Heaven awaiting return.

The best we can do in life with our precious time on this planet is to shine forth from the diamond soul of our being.



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