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A Snapshot Of The Future (2050) — US, China, Japan, India, UK, Australia

By 2050, 9 billion people on the planet with dramatic dynamics due to large-scale migration, complex challenges for government and regulators. The world as we know it will have changed beyond all recognition.

  • Emerging markets (E7) could grow around twice as fast as advanced economies (G7) on average, says one of PWC study.
  • US could be down to third place in the global GDP rankings after China and India
  • There emerging markets will be very volatile and that could create problems for the long-term investors
  • Mass migrations from developing countries western countries could change the global skill dynamics and with advancements, in emerging technologies, some of our science fictions will come true.
  • We will be healthier and live longer, rather technology can make us immortal
United States Of America
  • More Muslims than Jews
  • US Muslim Population Projected to Double
  • China And India Economies Beat The US economy
  • 80% energy from renewables
  • Number of US elderly to double
  • More Than 40 Percent of America Could be Fat
  • Number of US elderly to double
  • Number of people with Alzheimer’s disease in the US may triple
  • India’s working-age population will cross one billion
  • India will have most Muslims in world
  • Indian women will struggle to find the right match
  • Urbanisation in India to cross 50 percent
  • Unesco predicts severe water crisis for India
  • Indian women will struggle to find the right match
  • China Will Be The World’s Largest Economy
  • China Wants to Become a ‘Soccer Superpower’ by 2050
  • China Wants the Most Powerful Military on the Planet
  • China aims for ‘world-class army’ by 2050 — Asia needs to start worry
  • China’s elderly population to peak at half a billion
  • China could become a major space power
  • Japan claims it will have a space elevator by 2050
  • Struggles with a shortage of workers and an aging population
  • The goal of selling only ‘electric’ vehicles, 100%
  • 40% of Japan’s Population Will Be Over 65
  • Age discrimination & oppression of technology
  • Replacement of human labor with AI & robotics
  • Fall out of the top 20 largest economies
  • Flight Time From Europe to Australia Will Be 90 Minutes
  • Should have net zero emissions, some states
  • 86 percent of its electricity from wind and solar
  • Cost of natural disasters in Australia is predicted to triple
Great Britain
  • Future ‘self-repairing’ cities will have robots with 3D printers
  • The Muslim population in the UK could triple
  • Climate change could bring new shark species to UK waters
  • Heat-related deaths in UK could triple

source: welcome2050



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