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A Visual Illustration of Animation Evolution

… and Moore’s Law

If you ever want to see a clear picture of the evolution of 3D animation technology, check out the YouTube Channel of the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board. The CSB for short offers up incredible 3D animations explaining how accidents happened at refineries. You can check out the channel here.

What’s interesting is looking at videos from 10 years ago, 5 years, and then the most recent videos. It’s striking how the most recent videos are hyper realistic and almost indistinguishable from video. The animation of liquids and gases is incredibly realistic.

Many other technologies are looking at a similar explosion (pardon the pun) in capability over the next few years. We can expect that within a decade, the progress is going to be at least double the past decade, potentially compounded by other technologies.

How might this look?

  • Self-generated scripts (using NLG in GPT-3)
  • Voice synthesis that is indistinguishable from a narrator’s voice (whatever evolves from Wavenet and Tacotron)
  • Animation based off of actual footage that looks like real life

Yes, there will be the problem of Deepfakes… but what about real fakes?



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