Yes, this article is the “Apple product in 2028 article”, moved one year ahead! With minor editing.

Apple products in 2029

I tried to imagine what could be the Apple products in 2029 visualising the future range with some sketch.

Johnny Minelli
Aug 31, 2018 · 5 min read

2029. Although the usual detractors and some journalists say that the Cupertino company is not as cool and innovative as it once was, Apple is solid and is the first most liquid company on the planet.

A few years ago there was Amazon as first-Company-in-the-world, but then dropped and failed (it’s another Story, coming soon). However there was not particular competition with Apple, because Amazon sold its devices.

Apple design phases in the past

In 2029 Apple could be even more “design oriented” than now. Withouth some of the current engineering limitations, like the dimensions of the components, the design department could be the dominant one.
The CEO could even be Jony Ive!
(A CEO / CDO supported by an operational CEO?)

But let’s try to guess what the style of the product line could be.
Retracing the recent past, we had:

  • the “colorful” phase of the late 90s, with curved lines, transparent plastic materials and bright colors everywhere. This is to rejuvenate and bring the public closer to computers, then seen as gray and boring machines. Detail: Handles to transport the colourful iMac.
  • the “white” phase of the beginning of 2000. In the period of the launch of the iPod, the product line is dressed in white: white and shiny plastic materials. Mouse, iMac, router, notebook, everything becomes white in search of greater minimalism and greater sobriety after the excesses of the dot com. With always a friendly feeling.
    Detail: the completely white Mighty Mouse.
  • the “aluminum/macho” phase between about 2005 and 2012. The increased power of Apple machines is emphasised with massive aluminum bodies. The new materials are also much more solid and durable. (This maybe following users feedbacks)
    Detail: the G5 was a very powerful machine and represents this period well.
  • the minimalist thin aluminum phase, between 2013 and the beginning of the 20s. It was a natural evolution of the aluminum style, characterised by the search for devices as thin as possible. In this period, however, some alternative designs are tested, such as the Mac Pro 6.1 “trashcan” and the iPhone 5C, coloured and made by plastic.
    Detail: the iphones every year thinner.

Apple’s design in 2029

“A suggestion of silver, Lavagna and dark frosted crystal.”

The Macs

And here are the possible Mac computers in 2029.

There could be a mini computer dedicated to consumers, the Mac Mini (if Apple still call it that), round and friendly.
A metal cylinder covered with a dark glass plate with a slight Prussian-blue dominant.

While for the pro market there will be a Mac Cube again: the Next Cube, a celebratory version for 30 years will be widely rumored in 2029!
The Mac Cube of the future may have a body in graphene merged with dark-colored aluminum, a black not to be confused with the gray from 2018.

The iphones

iPhone (X)C and iPhone XX

The iPhones in 2029 could see a range finally simplified, with a “low cost” model for the masses not dissimilar from iPhone X of 2018.
An old but also a reassuring design for many. Without the notch, however: that design was due to technical limitations and was quickly overcome.

The notch was a bad design where the decorative form was imposed on the function: the need to have a rectangular screen. This brought a lot of extra work to developers and web designers to create adapted software and CSS.

Iphone XC of 2018 has a shell in traditional satin aluminum, in different colors, as it was for the 5C. And there is an old Lighting 2 connector for charging via cable.

“Without the notch, however: that design was due to technical limitations and was quickly overcome.”

The top-of-the-range iphone — let’s call the iPhone XX — differs significantly from the entry level model, even in the forms.
The design is squared, with a truly borderless 6 “display and a curved glass to invite the swipe.
Its chassis is made by graphene mixed with aluminum, and it’s really hard to scratch: it seems that the surface can recover the small damage by itself…

Iphone XX could finally not have doors: all the connections and the recharge happen in wireless mode: a direction towards which Apple had been aiming for some time.

A new Apple watch

There is a new Apple Watch, a minimalist “Nano” version and finally without an LCD display and cluncky UI.
The interaction is managed by simple swipes and voice commands for Siri.

(Edit: Siri in 2029 really works and understands the meaning of the requests!).

One more thing…

You will not have escaped those small cameras and the diamond-like icon projected in the display of iphone XX (above): by 2029, after years (decades) of only iterative improvements in the industry, a new technology will come to the public: the hologram!

The Android holograms imagined by George Lucas. iHolo will have better quality thanks to the 4 sensors. (Patented)

Although Apple will not be the first company to launch devices with holographic projectors, Apple will be the company that will produce the best holograms: with 4-sensor holograms, which allow the projections to be truly three-dimensional and so opaque.

iHolo: a patented projection technology.

Proprietary projection technology — could be called iHolo? — will be featured on pro models such as iPhone XX, new Cube and Watch Pro.


I hope you enjoyed this imaginative trip among some of the 2029 Apple products! Soon I could dedicate an entire article to iphone XX, taking advantage of the inevitable moment of hype for the launch of the next iPhone Xs.

I also missed to design the next Mac Pro. ;-)

Enjoy the reading.


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